Intelligent Lifestyle with Smart Airwheel S8 2 Wheel Mini Electric Scooter

With people’s living standards and science and technology being constant to improve, the intelligence seems increasingly important to our lives nowadays. Our lives can likewise easier and more convenient with these intelligent products. Today, we will introduce a new daily vehicle, 2- wheeled electric scooter Airwheel S8

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Technology and intelligence are nothing short of a miracle. The advent of cellphones and computers is changing our conventional way of life. The intelligent vehicles are also an important measure to improve the living level and quality. Healthy and safe travelling way can ease the pressure of daily work. Airwheel has unveiled this 2-wheeled electric scooter Airwheel S8 to achieve this goal.

Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter 

Literally, Airwheel S8 is a 2-wheeled scooter. Different from the traditional 2-wheeled bike and motorcycle, this 2-wheeled vehicle is chargeable, making the riding effortless. Unlike usual mini electric scooter, the design of S8 is entirely different. The total weight 14.8kg makes it handy and portable. Even female can lift it effortlessly. This feature enables it access to office, subway and bus etc. With S8, the travel can also be a brand new experience.

S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter 

As one of the world leading smart transportation device manufactures, Airwheel is committed to practicing the cooperate culture, Free intelligence life. To alter the traditional design, S8 saddle-equipped scooter is equipped with a leather saddle. The pressure-resistant and breathable performance gives the rider an excellent experience. Disrupting the harmony with the scooter, the concealed adjustable operating rod can meet the demands of different height. Imported Li-ion batteries can be a safeguard in your journey. 6-fold defense comprehensive protection can effectively avoid battery damage.

Instead of complex operation, self-balancing electric scooter S8 is adopted the intelligent sensor system. Riders can easily control the saddle and pedals to go forward or bake by leaning forward or backward. The LED brake taillight can give out the signal to the people or vehicle in the rear. The poor weather frustrates many riders by bicycle, for no hands with the umbrella. Accounting for the excellent performance of 10 inch tubeless tires, Airwheel S8 fares well on various road conditions.

The design, color and saddle interlace naturally, harmoniously and perfectly. Airwheel S8 is the preferred choice of people seeking exquisite, intelligent lifestyle and trendy fashions.

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