Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike Assures people with awesome riding experience

Small and foldable, Airwheel E6 smart e bike facilitates your travel greatly; high quality, intelligent and comfortable, it gives you an awesome riding experience.

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As a new product released by Airwheel, E6 smart e bike represents the intelligent e bike in new era. Small and foldable, it facilitates your travel greatly; high quality, intelligent and comfortable, it gives you an awesome riding experience.

Airwheel E6 foldable dirt ebike with lithium battery Is Beautiful Both Inside and Outside 

Featured by smallness and quick foldability, Airwheel E6 Smart Electric Bike lets you enjoy the fruits of high tech. Small in figure, E6 moves nimbly in crowded streets, away from traffic jams. Besides, weighing only 14.15kg, E6 can be carried effortlessly. Better yet, the frame of E6 is patented and innovative. In X shape and made of aluminum alloy, the frame is light, strong and stable. Therefore, E6’s mini body can bear a maximum load of 100kg. Furthermore, the frame can be easily folded at the crossing, realizing extraordinary compactness, so you can put it into narrow space handily. Cute in appearance, strong in structure and practical in use, Airwheel E6 e bike is an efficient and convenient transport in nature. You can ride it to work, to go shopping, to go sightseeing and so on, enjoying a quality traveling.

E6 smart foldable electric bike 

User-oriented, Airwheel E6 foldable e bike is high quality, intelligent and comfortable, giving you an enjoyable ride. First of all, Airwheel E6 e bike chooses superb materials, ensuring excellent performance. Equipped with car-level Li-ion battery set, which offers sufficient power supply, E6 can let you ride gracefully. Selecting 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, which provides powerful force, E6 can give you an exciting riding.

Airwheel electric powered bicycle E6 

Even more remarkably, E6 has an intelligent app, with which you can master the bike conditions easily, so that your ride can become smarter and safer. In addition, detail-oriented, E6 can give you a more comfortable riding experience. Its saddle is of left-right design, which confirms to Ergonomics and offers balanced force, letting you feel cozy all along. Having a dual damping system, E6 can travel smoothly on various road conditions, enabling you to ride elegantly forever. Above all, E6 is an outstanding transport device which can give you a splendid riding experience. 

In conclusion, Airwheel E6 smart e bike assures you a fabulous ride.

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