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SEATTLE, WA – 18 Oct, 2016 – Men are humble and uncomplicated creatures.

Unfortunately in today’s world of media influence and the pressure to conform to idealized, and sometimes less masculine, points of view it’s hard out there for a man. is a new online men’s magazine that makes it slightly easier for those of us guys who need a little help figuring out where to draw the line.

CEO and Founder Tim Seidler thinks it’s an area of men’s health and wellness that is severely under-represented online.

“Guys, by nature, aren’t very likely to ask for help,” says Seidler. He continues “…but if you can reach them at a place of interest and sneak in some gentle advice on what they could be doing better you’ve got an opportunity to help guys in the area of self-improvement.”

And don’t we all need to improve in one area of our life or another?

The site focuses on relationship, style, fitness, hobby and finances and helps guide the less well-maintained among us to a more well-kempt life.

Early articles solicit advice from a female staff writer on what men are doing wrong in the relationship department along with personal training help for getting into a fitness routine and an in-depth guide to selecting a new electric razor.

Seidler goes on… “Really we’re just building a lifestyle brand around the simple phrase ‘You’re a mess’ and we think we’ll be able to impact a lot of guys really positively if we can maintain focus on turning things around for the untidy fellows of the world”.

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