Acid Stained Floors are Colorado’s New Craze

USA – 10/18/2016 — Acid stained flooring treatments are becoming an increasingly popular addition to homes in Colorado, with many long-term benefits for homeowners. These beautiful floors have quickly caught attention with consumers due to their low maintenance and striking appearance. With the changing seasons and temperatures in the Rocky Mountain Region, homeowners are more susceptible to basement flooding, water damage issues and other costly issues. Where traditional carpeting used to be the norm for homeowners, they are recognizing the cost and hassle of replacing carpet by instead capturing the beauty of their concrete by staining their basement floors. It is not only more practical but also more advantageous.

The dramatic transformation of seeing a basement floor that is personalized by the color combination and finishes available to the home owner is very appealing. Similar to the popular trend of resurfacing driveways in the Spring, homeowners and those fixing and flipping are taking advantage of amplifying what assets their home currently has and turning them into a work of art. Besides increasing the curbside appeal and value of their homes by acid staining and protecting their basements or driveways, the cost savings of concrete that is acid stained is significant. 

Local resident Mary Edwards was delighted and surprised that resurfacing her driveway and walkway cost a fraction of what it would be to replace it. She states enthusiastically, “These guys did an excellent job, they are very professional. They got to the base of the cement and just made it look beautiful. We’ve had nothing but compliments. We are so excited to share this with everyone.”

The process itself is unique as each project. Since the acid reacts directly with the available minerals in the surface of the concrete, the finishing flaws and imperfections create an unimaginable result that is striking. Personalization’s are ensured as the stain reacts with each surface differently. While many have tried DIY projects like this, it can be very dangerous and is best to leave it up to a professional that can get exactly what you want and make it last.

“Beautiful Concrete Stained floors are becoming the showpiece in today’s modern homes – the patterns of the concrete as it reacts to the stain are different for each customer – making their floor truly one of a kind,” stated owner, Dan Yalacki, of Concrete Restoration Systems. “These floors give a home a showpiece look, and carpet is starting to be viewed as a liability when it comes to resale value.”

Concrete Restoration Systems has worked with client’s homes for decades, both interior and exterior in the Colorado area. Basements, exterior patios, driveways and even commercial floors all can be professionally stained to accentuate the natural beauty of a home or office with a new look and feel. The company has developed its own products to insure the quality and performance of the treatments, such as the Duracrete 2000 micro-topping system with metal reinforcing. The architectural design backgrounds of the professionals at Concreate Restoration Systems are changing the face and surfaces of Colorado’s homes and leading a new makeover for homeowners inside and out.


Concrete Restoration Systems is Denver’s premier decorative contractor providing Colorado homeowners with the ultimate in custom designs and installation for all of their decorative concrete needs. Proudly serving Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Region for nearly 40 years under the same ownership, CRS provides its clientele with the ultimate in quality resort style living in their own property. With a full-time architectural designer, CRS ensures its clients get the most out of their decorative concrete investment from resurfacing to personalized acid stained floors.

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