Chinese Gentleman Show Starts Global Investment Mode, Well-known Chinese Actor Yam Tat-wah as Brand Endorser of the Advanced Customization Owned by VK

(The full reporting of the Chinese men Victoria Show by the reporter, zhuzhu) the winner of the Gold Horse Award of Hong Kong, China, Yam Tat-wah, endorse the brand, VK, and will come back to the catwalk after an absence of couple of years in Chengdu on November 18.

VK, on the brand purpose of “knight spirit”, from advanced customization owned by VK to the “Gentleman Show” that has been to five cities (Hangzhou-Shanghai-Italy-Xi’an-Guangzhou), is telling the return of urban knight spirit. It is a brand new explanation of men’s character-from men’s external clothing, hairstyle and behavior to internal men’s persistent attitudes towards life, self-persistence regardless of favorable or adverse situations of any time. What VK persists is layers of progressive of energy and spirit from the inside out.


The spirit happens to coincide with “the vitality of unremitting self-improvement” that Yam-Tat-wah always emphasizes without previous consultation. Thus, there is a high degree of fit in the further values of VK and Yam-Tat-wah. For years, whether the sentient and righteous screen images or the good man giving consideration to both family and career in reality, Yam-Tat-wah provides Chinese men more possibilities as Chinese men can take account of good career, good family, good taste and even good body shape.

VK invited Yam Tat-wah as the spokesman of the advanced customization owned by VK. Meanwhile, Yam Tat-wah will be on the catwalk of “YITAITIANJIAN Gentleman Show” in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu on November 18 with his wife, Sophia Kao, which is not only the most shining moment of “Gentleman Show”, but also the moment that Yam Tat-wah returns to the catwalk after an absence of couple of years. It is the moment worth engraving!


The formal signing ceremony& global media press conference of Yam Tat-wah’s endorsement of VK will be held on October 14, before which we talked with him about his opinions on fashion and life.

About fashion and life attitude

VK: Besides acting, you always appear in the image of fashion icon with quite professional opinions on clothing and matching. So do you have any suggestions on men’s clothing?

Yam Tat-wah: The world is quite cute and amazing with lots of different places and scenes. There is different clothing in different places. What you wear when you are eating by the street must be different from what you wear in a party. Different clothing in different scenes is the cutest part of fashion. Clothing is full of humanization so you just need to wear in your own style, which is another kind of “personal customization”.

VK: What do you think of men’s friendship?

Yam Tat-wah: As for me, friendship is of great importance. For example, today I may be going to have a cup of coffee with a friend in a six-star hotel and later I may be going to have another cup of coffee with a friend by the street. Actually, what matters is not the place that I have the coffee, but the moment that I spend with my friends. Furthermore, when we are having cups of coffee only worth 12 Yuan, we may chat for a long time and everyone is pleased with lots of topics; when we are having cups of coffee in the six-star hotel, we may finish the talk only within half an hour. So places or money are not important, and our persistent friendship indeed matters. In other words, externals do not matter while our communication matters the most.

VK: You are already the representative of a successful man for ordinary people. So in your opinion, what is a successful life?

Yam Tat-wah: I believe pleasure is the success of a man. If you feel pleased about your family and career, you are a successful man.

Concerning Gentleman Show


VK: This is your fisrt time to participate in Gentleman Show in Chengdu, did you know about Gentleman Show before?

Yam Tat-wah: I knew Gentleman Show from some news, the program “Chinese gentlemen in Italy” impressed me most.

Around the world, many great stuff come from China, for they are produced by Chinese people, such as a suitcase or an accessory; Chinese people have been amazing in enterprises, culture, art and so on. But we didn’t have a good platform for them to show, Gentlman Show is a favorable platform to demonstrate our vital strength; I also expect to be with gentlemen and tell the whole world that we are standing in a stage made in China.

Beside, Chinese gentlemen’s fantastic spirit is also an intangible cultural demonstration inside visible clothes and accessories.


VK: The theme of YITAITIANJIAO Gentleman Show in Chengdu is “In the Name of Rise”, aiming to focus on striving spirit of Chinese men of all levels, all ages and all industries; this happens to be conformity with “struggling vitality” that you have advocated, could you tell us what has driven you to strive?

Yam Tat-wah: I think the most important thing in our life is to move forward. For example, when we dress ourselves or act in a play, we must do better than before, we must move forward to find something new, time changes rapidly, we can’t stop, ortherwise, we wil be eliminated by the era.

We need to try to be perfect in everything including family relations, friendship and working. Life has no plain sailing, we don’t have to introspect too much on the past, just move forward. So “rise” means keeping walking, accepting both something bad and something good; we hope to contribute to the world and make it more harmonious; only by keep moving can we please ourselves, things won’t go long in an unhappy life.

VK: What are your expectations to Gentleman Show in Chengdu?

Yam Tat-wah: Each city has its own culture. For instance, Guangzhou is a city that gathers people from all over the world, yet it still keeps its own traditional culture, sentimental and righteous. Chengdu is another type, it is more leisure, suitable for life. So I really hope that the show can be held in every different city and integrates local culture into the show and fashion, this will be meaningful and this is what I have expected.


On November 18 in Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory, “YITAITIANJIAO Gentleman Show” is about to be launched under the theme of “In the Name of Rise”. This is a demonstration of national cohesion; Chinese gentlemen who have made great contribution to China’s development are worthy of a stage which is specially designed for them. This show will bring “Chuanjianghaozi” (working song on Chuanjiang) for the first time to the T stage, vicissitudinous and upstream spirit of boat tracker will be revivified, their strength is worthwhile to be memorized and appreciated.

This is the first cooperation between Gentleman Show and YITAITIANJIAO. YITAITIANJIAO represents the rising strength of western China, development of economy, improvement of life style and social humanity inheritance which can be felt but not visible. Meanwhile, TAIYISHANGPIN Life House and CAGO CITY are the joint cooperative partners of this show. By gathering people from all walks of life, a specially designed stage is built for Chinese gentlemen who are possessed with feelings, stories and positive energy.

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