Who says Conservatives don’t have sense of humor?

Right & Funny Productions debuts their Conservative laugh-out-loud comedy web-series across social media.

BURLINGTON, VT – 10/19/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Right & Funny Productions is pleased to announce the release of the first two installments of their right-of-center web comedy series – THE POTWINS. Created and produced by Bradford Broyles and Lenny Britton, the show seeks a niche in a marketplace virtually devoid of Conservative humor. The Vermont production will air eight episodes this season. Executive Producer Broyles adds  “We’re excited about growing The Potwins into a full fledged show.  People sure don’t expect Conservative humor originating from Bernie Sanders’ backyard in Vermont, but we’re optimistic there’s a broad audience for us through social media and beyond.”

The comedy shorts share the hilarious story of a Vermont middle-class family doing their best to make ends meet while negotiating the choppy waters of today’s politically correct world.

Patriarch NATE POTWIN and his wife JUDY want nothing more than to raise their rambunctious children, MEGAN, 15, and BILLY, 13, with traditional values, pay their bills and enjoy their close-knit group of friends. Despite the family’s best intentions, they constantly run afoul of the politically correct world around them.

In the premiere episode, Earth Day – The Polar Bears Deserve to Die, Billy gets his dad in trouble with the EPA, when he mistakenly tells his environmentally zealous teacher Nate is in favor of the polar bears’ demise. In The Grapes of Carbon Tax – Live from Bernie’s Backyard , the Potwin family packs up their possessions and heads to the “Promised Land” after politicians in their state pass a 90 cent per gallon gas tax.

The Potwins promise comedy in the same vein as The Simpsons, Married With Children, and Modern Family, only with a right-of-center perspective. “With so much negativity in the political arena these days, it’s been fun to create a series which makes a point and at the same time is humorous and entertaining” concluded writer and director Lenny Britton.

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Bradford Broyles and Lenny Britton collaborated and starred in the critically acclaimed viral sensation Billy Ads in 2010 when Britton ran for Senate against Senator Leahy.

Contact:  Bradford Broyles  brad@rightandfunny.com  or Phone: 802.282.9517

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