Leading LA Private Eye heads to NYC to stop female Trump detractors.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – 10/15/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — I am Frank J Monte, arguably the world’s most famous private investigator, some say infamous. Whatever, after 50 years I’m still here. I’m writing this to dispel the notion that I’m dangerous. And because many detractors have labelled me less than legal, whereas I’ve never been found guilty of any wrong doing. So before I begin working for Mr. Trump’s good name I wish to highlight what the press said about me when I showed a young lady wishing to enrich herself of $37 million that she was a total fraud. I believe by now that Mr. Trump’s detractors are of the same ilk.

I am often referred to as Los Angeles’ best, [formerly New York City’s, 1990’s], most infamous licensed private eye.

I’m the man who destroyed the Versace’s Fashion House’s chances of growing into a publicly traded company, I alleged publicly and in my auto-biography ‘The Spying Game’ [Pan MacMillan 2001-2003], that Donatella had conspired with the Mafia to kill her brother Gianni Versace in Miami. This has been borne out more by; Giuseppe Di Bella, a former member of the Calabrian Mafia known as the ‘Ndrangheta, who says in his book “Metastasis” (Italian for ‘a spreading cancer’) a hit was ordered on Versace who Di Bella claims was laundering money for the mob. 

In August 2010 it was reported widely in the news that I, by unspoken threats and intimidation dashed the hopes of a young lady receiving Sexual Damages of $37 million [see Kristy Fraser-Kirk V David Jones Ltd. 2010], she ran away settling for $800k. See the Following stories for clarification.


I’m now heading to NYC to attack the credibility, discredit and reverse the statements of the female Trump detractors with my own brand of swashbuckling justice, and not intending to carry out any illegal acts such as bugging, breaking and entering, invasions of privacy or other crimes and misdemeanors.

I am also the recipient of such press accolades /titles in the 80’s as The World’s best Bug Man and similar examples of my work such as a 1979 mercenary expedition into Head hunter country, for Mary Rockefellers’ son’s Michael’s remains in Irian Jaya and delivering 400 mercenaries to Sheikh Rashid in Dubai in 1975 to fight what was then known as insurgents, now terrorists.

The NYC press labelled me in 1997-8, ‘The Best of the Best in Manhattan’ and ‘America’s Premier Private Eye’. Larry King said of me, ‘Frank Monte, The Best in the Business’. Dennis Prager said, ‘I’m fascinated by this man’, and Leeza Gibbons on her show in 1995 said ,’Frank Monte , you are James Bond,’ I’ve appeared over 1500 times in the US press, radio and TV in 1990’s. Partial list follows. A list of my clients appears on my firm’s web site. They include HRH. The Sultan of Johore, HRH. The Sheik of Dubai, The Rockefeller family, Oil and Tobacco companies, The Actors; Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Mel Torme, Kiss, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Perry Farrell, Sidney Pollock, Jon Voight, Ted Danson, Peter Allen, Lainie Kazan, Mark Rydell, Gregory Peck, Aristotle Onassis, Sanford Meissner many Fortune 500 companies and several hundred multi nationals.

Miss Fraser-Kirk was heard to say, quoted in the SMH Aug. 2010 that she was ‘particularly intimidated’ and worried Frank Monte would harm others to intimidate her to drop the law suit, so that, ‘she regularly checks under her car.’

I know and first met Mr. Trump, being introduced to him at a function in 1990 by NYC Social Paparazzo and ex-Andy Warhol pal Patrick McMullen. During the time of Mr. Trump’s divorce from wife Ivanna.

I then resided in NYC’s Upper East Side until late 2001 and came across Mr. Trump socially on many occasions as we were at the same parties and functions. I was invited to his West Side openings and other events by our mutual publicists and friends, Nora Lawlor, Gus Ober and R. Couri Hay.

I introduced Lie Detection to much of S/East Asia/ Pacific Rim in the late 70’s and I still have offices, family and interests in Australia/Asia.

I intend to locate and interview the ladies in question and investigate them, thoroughly and quickly to dispel all this furor.

I seek no Government appointment when Mr. Trump ascends to the Presidency, a thank you will suffice.

Kind Regards,

Frank J Monte, President.

Morgan Turner Freeman Inc. www.morganturnerinvestigators.com

Private and Corporate Investigators.

The Wells Fargo Bank Building, 433 N. Camden Drive,

Beverly Hills. CA. 90210.

Tel. US +1 877 778 8851.  Tel LA +1 213 406 0413. Tel Sydney +61 425 384 200

Direct Frankmontepi@gmail.com

A partial list of over 4500 articles TV and radio appearances and mentions in 8 books about Frank J Monte. PI.

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Re; LA. Private Eye, Extraordinaire, Coming to the aid of Mr. Donald Trump.

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