Wartune Version 6.1 has Officially Launched its new Outland System

Wartune officially formed its Outland System in version 6.1 on 26th September! The brand new system was carried out with three themes which are Outland Exploration, Outland Crystal and Post Grab Fight and Conquer. The vast and exceedingly valuable resources hidden in the outland are waiting to be claimed by those who have started colonizing the lands.

Several regulations related to this system have been changed. Guild Leaders will need to spend Guild Wealth to enroll their guilds and then join outland events the following day. Event duration depends on the month. One event consists of 3 real months. The Outland map is divided into 5 main continents, and players must click on one to enter. It will start with four parties occupying the continents at each of its four corners, as well as an equal part of the middle.

The system of Wartune will match guilds from the same server into teams based on Guild Battle Rating and the total number of enrolled guilds. When outland events start, guilds that enroll halfway through the month will join the party with the lowest Battle Rating. If a guild is dismissed in the middle of an event, all guild members from that guild will be removed from the party.

Wartune Version 6.1 has Officially Launched its new Outland System

Wartune Post Grab

①  Outland Crystals, which will be distributed based the number of posts by each party, can be collected.

②  Guild Leaders in a party may declare war on an adjacent post. Each party can only declare war twice. When two parties are at war, members from both parties can only join their own party’s faction. Other parties can only join the party with fewer people.

③  Post Grab participants will be sent to the battlefield to occupy posts to earn points.

Wartune Outland Crystal

①  Players may collect Outland Crystals from the Central Crystal.

②  Players participate in the Central Crystal War as a party.

③  During the event, parties may obtain bonuses from Attack and Defense Blessings.

④  The Four Generals’ points and number of remaining defenders will be displayed.

 Wartune Outland Exploration

There is an Outland Exploration entrance at the corner of continent. Players can spend Exploration Points to enter. They also decide which direction to move at an intersection. Use Balens to refill Exploration Points and take action when encountering Random Events.

You can find more information about the new version on Wartune Official Website or Wartune’s Facebook fan page.

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