Dental Implant Professionals Now Offers Australian Approved High Quality Dental Implants

Dental Implant Cost in Sydney & Melbourne
With a team of highly qualified dental practitioners, Dental Implant Professionals offers Australian Approved High Quality Dental Implants for just $2850.

Sydney, New South Wales (getnews) October 20, 2016 – Despite advances in preventative dentistry, Edentulism is still a major health problem worldwide. It has repercussions in self-esteem, eating, and also creates a negative effect in the patient’s quality of life. To overcome the problems faced by edentulous patients, Dental Implant Professionals now offers Australian Approved High Quality Dental Implants at the cost of $2850.

The spokesperson stated, “Gone are the days when dentures were the only option to fix missing teeth. Today, more and more people are getting dental implants to replace missing teeth and rightly so. Now you can get affordable superior quality dental implants in Sydney by fixing appointment with our Dental Implant Professionals.”

He further continued commenting on the service, “Our total price for tooth implant in Sydney is $2850. That includes the fixture and the porcelain crown. We only use high quality Australian approved dental implants for your safety and our low cost comes together with a premium high standard service.”

Dr Pinho, the founder of Dental Implant Professionals started performing oral surgery for the past 15 years. Patients can find more information about his services on his personal website and can also easily book a dental Implant consultation 24/7 in seconds. The price for the consultation is $55 and includes a digital OPG X-ray for assessment.

Dr. Paulo Pinho, the dental implant specialist in Sydney stated, “Now you can get affordable superior quality dental implants in Sydney. Our clinic in Sydney is equipped with high quality surgical instrument for dental surgery and treatment of our patients. We use the latest technology for all procedures during the treatment. Our aim is to send back our patients with cheerful satisfaction on their faces.”

He finally concluded, “Bring back your natural smile and say goodbye to dental problems. We are proud to offer our high quality services to our patients at a very affordable price. You can fix an appointment any time with our doctor within seconds and consult for implant treatment.” 

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