Tita, Smart And Intelligent Water Filtration Pitcher, Is The Future Of Health And Wellness Products

Shenzhen, October 21, 2016 – If there is any proof that the future belongs to smart technology, it is the soon to be available, intelligent water filtration pitcher. Tita is the world’s first water pitcher that will tell the user how much water they have consumed during the day, and send the data to its mobile app. Tita will soon be featured on its KickStarter campaign, giving donors the first experience of this game changing gadget.

Not many of us are drinking enough water, with almost over 94 percent having deficient habits. While every health article talks about the benefits of drinking plenty of water, insufficient hydration is the norm, which often leads to poor health and sickness. Tita is meant to give a heads up on how well the user is hydrated, and allows tracking of water consumption using Hydration Tracking Technology.

Tita is another smart and artistically designed product from Moikit, which recently converted the humble water bottle into an intelligent water consumption tracking bottle, Seed. Seed was featured on its Indiegogo campaign where it raised $578,355 by 7430 backers compared to its original goal of $20,000. The founder of Moikit, Xiaoliang Li, a designer with passion for products and marketing, was inspired to create these smart products in 2012 after his wife was diagnosed with kidney stones due to poor hydration. With the most cutting-edge smart hardware and state-of-the-art software services, Moikit helps people develop healthy lifestyle habits and build better trends for a better quality life.

The smart filtration pitcher carries a host of intelligent features. It uses flow tracking technology to monitor the filter’s life, connects with smart phones for sending metrics using NFC tags, uses biodegradable and 100% BPA free filters, and purifies water of residual chlorine, lead, bacteria and some viruses. A LED screen on the pitcher displays all hydration data and battery life in real time. The Tita mobile app can record, track and receive reminders on hydration status. The app features Filter Lifespan Monitoring, Family Hydration Management, Real Volume Measurement, and Filtration Complete Reminder.

The KickStarter campaign for Tita will roll out on October 20, with reward options and special early bird discounts. Mass production will begin from November 2016 onwards. Tita has already completed research and development, 3D prototype and testing, and was debuted at CES.

To know more, please visit: www.moikit.com/press/tita or https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1639276240/tita-smart-water-filtration-pitcher-with-hydration?ref=8cz1du

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