Card Armor® RFID Blocking Sleeves Launches a New Design

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Card Armor announced that they have redesigned their highly popular RFID Blocking Sleeves and are launching them in a special sales event. These specialized RFID sleeves will help to protect personal information contained in RFID (radio frequency identification) chips.

RFID technology is now a widely accepted way to transfer information stored on social security cards, credit and debit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and company ID tags. Although this is efficient technology, unfortunately it can also be used to the advantage of criminals. Consequently, RFID sleeves are highly sought after to improve personal security.

Card Armor CEO and founder, Alex King, discussed the increased risk of personal security breaches. “During Christmas and New Year, criminal activity often spikes, targeting credit cards and other items containing RFID chips. These are easy to access for criminals with unauthorized scanners. At this time, people generally travel more and let their guard down. This is the ideal time for criminals to strike, so we need to be extra vigilant and use credit card protection sleeves.” 

The Card Armor RFID Blocking Sleeves are made to provide extra protection. Recently redesigned to make it easier to hold a wide range of cards containing RFID chips, these protective sleeves fit comfortably in purses, money clips and wallets. They provide people with peace of mind in the knowledge that their personal information is secure.

The patent-pending design is slim-lined, durable and lightweight. With a clear see-through front, it is easy to identify cards in the blocking sleeves when they are needed. Sold in packs of six, more information about this product and the current discount offer can be found on the Card Armor retail page.

About Card Armor
Makers of a new clear front credit card protector designed to prevent identity theft due to unauthorized scans. The card fits in any standard sized wallet or purse. Patent Pending.

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