African Grand Duchess Kate talks films

As preparation for an interview was on a fast pace this morning with Grand Duchess Kate Ajike, it was important that understanding was obtained with what her plans were with her film career and her film production company Kate Angel Productions

The African Grand duchess deligtdullful engaged us by explaining that she began acting a very long time ago and grecioisely she said anyone that knows her would say that she started dancing before she could crawl and singing before she could talk. Nevertheless the she has missed acting and it is her imagination that hasn’t kept her holding on to her passion in acting

She went on to beautifuly express her passion for the arts by clearly separating her ability to do film and stage. Saying that the feeling that she gets from stage is different from the feeling she gets from film. She said her ability to do both is not something that she can say one came before the other but instead the stunning African Grand Duchess said that for her film is very different from the stage  she said it is a very creative affair because when it comes to the stage  is very method acting  beecause the audience surrounding her and she  has to project her voice to include the people seated in the rafters. She called the moment  a vital affair. Saying the lights are dimmed as one is alone and  it is though the universe suddenly revolves itself to see me give it  all in one take. Whiles when we moved on to talk about her dedication to film her eyes lights up and it was very obvious that she wa still very much connected  to her craft. GrandDuchess Kate delightfully said film is a more informal affair, although it takes the same amount of preparations it is more about the message she is trying to get across and staying true to a vision but she would rather do films and she is very excited as she played her own trumpet and said she is a very phonormally actress that is why she is excited that Kate Angel Productions has a total of 7 films under its belt at the moment which the creatively unstoppable Grand duchess Kate  is directing producing  and also stars in most of them.
As more information was being digged on the films and the productions company Kate Angel Production taking into accounts that the beautiful Grand Duchess Kate   enjoys to act , she pleasantly said that the current film that she is focusing is called  “My Banquet” but she will talk more upon it once it is completed and ready for global cinema  release but she is working on the 7 Kate Angel Productions films one at a time 
However she mention some disappointment which came from the fault of her editor. The truth is that the film ” A day with my stepm mom”  was filmed but the editor deleted the file instead of saving it. Therefor she has put the film back into pre production and  sends her applogies to fans who are waiting to go and see it any news on it will be updated .
As the interview got more interesting, Grand Duchess Kate excitedly  said she has jumped back into directing and producing. Also, as an entertainer she is aiming to make films  that are both enjoyable and valueable . Even though she has other commitments she has targeted to get the seven films completed and all of them globally released in the cinema in the next months. 
The African Grand Duchess said it is going to be challenging but new film release is something that is deffinatly on the cards as soon as possible 

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