SKY Electronic comes up with its range of cutters and plotters using SKYCUT trademark

Sky Electronic Co.,Ltd based in Shenzhen is an established manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of advanced cutting plotters including but not limited to reflective cutters, dual-heads cutters, vinyl cutters, and craft cutters. Skycut is their own trademark for their products.

Opting for a quality vinyl cutter is indispensable for a budding sign maker or a professional dealing with advertorial products. Choosing the right cutting plotter can mean the difference between success and failure. If someone bought a craft die cutting machine say a decade back basing his purchase decision on the parameters of force, speed, and price then surely that wouldn’t have been an impractical decision. However, standing on the threshold of the 21st century opting for the aforementioned cutter machine delivering 500-700 force which can’t even get the basic tasks done implies that the decision is imprudent. Sky Electronic Ltd is a manufacturing concern in Shenzhen that has earned goodwill for itself by producing and supplying a range of high quality plotters to both homegrown businesses and overseas organizations.

Sky Electronic has its own R&D as well as design and development teams that are earnestly engaged in meticulously designing and producing a range of cutting plotters like CCD camera vinyl cutter, craft cutter, reflective cutter as well as software and accessories. Each and every cutter or plotter coming out of its assembly lines is capable of rendering the specific function (for which it has been produced in the first place). For instance, let’s consider the SKYCUT V24-A vinyl cutter one of its patent or proprietary products. It comes with an inbuilt camera and is equipped with automated functions making it suitable for conducting high-precision printing and cutting jobs.

SKY Electronic comes up with its range of cutters and plotters using SKYCUT trademark

The mute functionality makes it operate silently and it’s immaculately chiseled roller bar checks slippage during cutting. The body of this plotter has been constructed out of aluminum alloy which makes it not only lightweight but extremely durable as well. The company also specializes in designing a range of dual heads cutting plotter that includes the D24-A, D48-A, D24-A, and D48-S. The first two models of dual heads cutting plotters have built-in cameras and the latter two have sensors enabling the task of slicing with perfection very convenient. For example, the SKYCUT D48-S vinyl cutter packs in quite a punch with 2kg force (the maximum) making it impeccable for cutting materials that is thick or dense.

Loaded with state-of-the-art features including inbuilt Wi-Fi, USB flash drive functionality, and multi-connecting options, this cutter has twin distinct heads allowing it to be used for drawing and cutting simultaneously. While choosing a dual-heads cutting plotter that’d be suitable for the particular purpose for which it is meant, the buyer should check out the drive motor that is the heart of the device. The tracking capabilities of the cutter also need to be reviewed before taking a purchase decision.  Besides the motor, the pinch roller assembly, control panel features, and floor stand (its absence or presence) needs to be checked as well.

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Sky Electronic is an august and well-established fabricator and supplier of an extensive range of cutting plotters.To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned link.

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