Jennifer Lambright Launches New Body And Soul Intuitive Coaching Program To Change People’s Lives

The program sheds light into the beliefs and emotions we hold onto in our bodies that create dis-ease and disharmony in our lives. Identifying and shifting these beliefs through energy healing provides positive change in love, abundance, relationships, career and health.

A new coaching program has been launched that aims to help change people’s lives forever. This program, which has been launched by Jennifer Lambright has gained a great deal of attention for the positive results it has achieved.

The Body and Soul Intuitive Coaching Program with Energy Healing has been regarded as one of the most exciting new lifestyle programs of 2016. It was developed to deliver beyond the results people receive in more traditional life coaching programs.  In order to create lasting change, people must learn to let go of the wounds and old stories that limit them. Most have no idea how to identify the root causes of their negative problems, let alone how to overcome them.   As a Holistic Wellness Expert, Jennifer Lambright has utilized her skills as an Intuitive Coach and gifted Energy Healer to help thousands of clients not only achieve their goals, but also teaches them how to consciously create their lives in brand new ways.

Jennifer Lambright said: “Unlike other programs, the focus of this work includes the energy and emotions you are holding in your body. Using my laser sharp intuitive gifts, I am able to scan your body and clearly see where your body is signalling you are out of balance. This allows me to help you let go of blocks holding you back, bring you back into balance, and support you in creating the life you want to live.”

Lifestyle coaching has become an important tool in modern life where blue chip companies use it for their executives and senior management team. However, it is not only executives who use life coaching professionals to improve their performance, career, and health, millions of people use life coaching tools to overcome negative obstacles in their life to achieve a better future.

The new Body And Soul Intuitive Coaching Program not only helps people to overcome problems, but it also helps them to improve their lifestyle. It is being used to help people   learn to love and feel better in their body, improve their career, resolve low-esteem issues, as well as improve relationships.

During this transformative program clients will:

•    Release anger and resentment towards your body and learn how loving it for the miracle it is influences your health.

•    Determine which emotions your body is storing that signal it is out of balance

•    Strip away layers of pain and confusion your body has been holding to reveal your authentic self.

•    Learn how letting go of self judgement and loving yourself can affect your relationships, career, creativity, and finances.

•    Shift your perception of how the world views you, and experience support in a new positive way.

•    Discover how deepening your own intuition can lessen anxiety and bring you peace of mind. 

•    Learn how to stop absorbing other people’s energy and feel secure and grounded in your body.

•    Turn fear into excitement and motivation to move forward with creating a life you love.

•    Let go of past heartbreak, trauma, and abuse to create new space for joy.

The program is available for $1,749, which includes 12 one hour sessions. Appointments are available by phone or Skype. For a limited time only interested people who want to try out the powerful program can experience one session for $225.

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About New Body And Soul Coaching Program

The New Body And Soul Coaching Program has gained a great deal of attention for helping people to overcome negative problems and achieve their goals.

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