When Usage of Prescription Drugs Spirals Out of Control in Ohio

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Prescription drug abuse has been a growing problem for a considerable amount of time.

There are reasons that people abuse prescription drugs, and they mirror some of the same reasons that people abuse any drug. Some take them to lose weight, fit in, or simply to get a high and have fun. Another dangerous reason why people abuse prescription drugs is they mistakenly think such drugs are safe because they come with a prescription.

The reality is that prescription medications can be just as dangerous, or even more deadly, than illegal and illicit drugs if used incorrectly for the wrong reasons. They can even become deadly when used for the right reasons. When use of prescription drugs spirals out of control in Ohio, it is time for rehab. Rehab should address chemical addiction along with any co-occurring mental disorders to avoid future relapse.

Prescription Drug Abuse Dangers

Many people have valid reasons for using prescription drugs. However, there are triggers such as depression, family emergencies, and troubling finances etc., that cause people to abuse their prescription. Pharmacies can only prescribe a certain amount by law. As a result, some people have turned to other painkiller drugs, like heroin, when their prescription drug is denied. This is the extreme, but there are rising incidences in the country that have given law enforcement and the medical community pause.

The problem is growing, and youth between the ages of 12 and 17 are now among those addicted to prescription drugs. This results in growing problems at home, school, and with the law. There are also serious health conditions associated with prescription drug abuse. People experience seizures and lowered breathing rates, which can both lead to death.

The Dangers of Quitting Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is the term used for quitting something all of a sudden. Some people realize they have a prescription drug addiction and try to quit suddenly. This is never recommended. Detox should only be attempted in a controlled, clinical environment under the care of qualified clinicians.

Recommended Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

Recommended treatment is pharmacological and behavioral modification. Patients are assigned to an inpatient or outpatient program. Inpatient treatment is more intense and offers around-the-clock support. Outpatient treatment is less intense but equally effective. Patients in this program have proven they have more control over their addiction. Clinics accomplish behavioral modification through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This provides a short-term treatment solution that is practical and hands-on. Patients benefit in learning how their thoughts have affected their actions. They also learn to take responsibility for their own actions. Patients can leverage the knowledge picked up in rehab for life, and this is a major benefit of entering rehab. Patients also learn to identify triggers that can lead to relapse. Such triggers can include circumstances, people, and environments that entice individuals to abuse prescription drugs.

Sobriety can be a lifelong pursuit, but it is well worth the effort in being able to face challenges that will always be just around the corner. Rehab works. When there is a drug addiction problem, the only viable solution is to seek help at a qualified rehab facility.

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