Armor Survival launches first multi-use pen in Norway

NEW YORK CITY, NY – 10/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Armor Survival, a leading innovative product manufacturer, has launched its first armor survival pen in Norway. This innovative pen will give an extraordinary writing experience, as well as provide a premium, self-defensive feature to the end users. A key part of this innovative pen is its ability to act as a glass breaker, ensuring survival in the most catastrophic situations.

The key focus areas for the innovative armor survival pen will be its evolutionary design. This include its exceptional T6061 aircraft aluminum body, premium body furnish, and extraordinary looks, along with the engineering innovation, with a particular focus on self-defensive, emergency glass breaking technique.

The pen is cost effective and will provide evolutionary experience to the end users. The titanium pen is integrated with a glass breaking technology enabling the user to survive in the most disastrous situation. This glass breaking technique will help in making an emergency escape. The ball point function is also useful since it can be used for drawing a landmark or map, if you are lost.

Whether it is showing off in front of your friends, or it is the survival situation, the pen is going to be your best friend. The event will provide an opportunity for the adventurous, nature loving people to come ahead and have this stylish, multi tasking pen to raise the chances of their survival in the most difficult situations.                                                      

About Armor Survival

Armor Survival is a leading start-up headquartered in Norway providing security along with the enhanced customer experience. We are committed to provide premier professional service at the customer’s doorstep.

The company has raised itself to cover both online and offline platform to deliver a seamless experience to end users. We have already built a network of trust and proven solutions which are successfully helping thousands of customers worldwide.

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