Prop 64 which would legalize recreational marijuana in CA has little to do with public safety but mostly to do with regulating and taxing a new multi-billion dollar industry.

SAN FRANCISCO CA – 10/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The present dangers and consequences already known from the present medical marihuana program goes unnoticed.  For the record, in 2015, 252 persons died in highway crashes where drivers were known to be impaired by marijuana.  This number is but a fraction of the real number killed since only 25% of CA drivers in fatal crashes were tested for drugs because of the cost and inconvenience of drug testing.  If the marijuana percentage in those not tested was only 1/3 of the tested percentage, the number of highway deaths would be 500, not 252.

Prop 64 which would legalize recreational marijuana for all 25 million licensed drivers in CA, not just the 90,000 with medical marijuana licenses and the thousands that have joined the poorly regulated and tracked present medical marijuana program.

Research shows that young drivers are affected most with 41% of the marijuana drivers being under age 25. Marijuana impaired drivers were also speeding in 39% of the cases and 30% did not have a valid license.

Five Southern California counties are the most involved with marijuana driving fatalities with Los Angeles and Riverside being the top two counties. However California data is incomplete for many counties like San Francisco, where only 1 of 50 drivers in fatal crashes were tested in 2015 for marijuana and other drugs.

“The passage of Prop 64 will make millions of dollars for some and tragedy for hundreds.Isn’t this a high price to pay for a temporary hallucinogenic high” says Al Crancer, author of the study.

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