Teen Drug Abuse – West Virginia Woes

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Teen substance abuse could very well be the country’s number one health problem—and it shows no real signs of slowing down

As much as 90% of anyone meeting the criteria for addiction started abusing drugs before the age of 18, and this is according to a study conducted by Columbia University. It is easy to understand how addiction can follow adolescents into adulthood. An individual’s mind is not fully mature until they reach the age of 25. Then, there is the reality that drugs can alter how the mind functions and address pleasure and reasoning. Before some teenagers even reach adulthood, their brain and reasoning faculties have all been impaired. Such an impairment, alone, can heighten the risk of addiction. There is teen drug abuse, and West Virginia has it woes.

Abuse Statistics Are Alarming

As many as three in four high students have experimented with some type of drug by the time they graduate from high school. Their addictive substances include alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and tobacco to name a few. As many as half of all high school students today may be abusing an addictive substance. Of those students, a full one third fit the criteria of addiction. So, there is a national concern. Teens are especially susceptible to health problems like depression, bullying, obesity, and stress that can easily induce them to experiment with drugs. Millions of high school students suffer from feelings of low self-esteem as well.

There is also an addiction challenge due to the widespread availability of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. There is also the fact there is an entire economy of social influences that continually convey messages that taking drugs is okay.

Getting Teenagers Help for Drug Addiction

First, there are signs that a teen might be abusing drugs. Keep an eye on the groups they hang out with. Is there a newfound carelessness in grooming? Is the teen’s academic performance slipping? Is the teen losing interest in things they loved doing before? Is there any noticeable change in sleeping or eating habits, and is the teen withdrawing more than usual? Does the teen seem depressed for no apparent reason?

Clinical assessments, after intake, will check to make sure the teen’s propensity toward drug use is not an inherited condition. Once a rehab is chosen and the proper physical and psychological exams have been assessed, the patient is prepared for detoxification where their addiction and co-occurring disorders will be addressed. Treating the individual for multiple addictions or mental disorders such as depression and anxiety can help the patient avoid relapse in the future.

When detox is completed, patients and their parents can benefit from family counseling sessions. Quite often, relationships are strained to the limit. It takes a professional environment along with a professional counselor to bridge the gap with teens and their parents.

An addiction brings trying times for everyone involved; especially in the case of teens. Rehab works. Never hesitate to make the call for a loved one or relative. Your call may save a life.

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