“The Next World-Changing App!” is a recently published book that contains a concise set of ideas and designs for a cell phone app that in tandem with a Smart TV creates a computer system. It is an app that gives the average consumer the flexibility and convenience of having the only computer they need fit right in their pocket. By turning the cell phone into a one-handed keyboard and mouse, the consumer can use a Smart TV as a monitor and eventually perform any task that until now could only be done on a desktop computer or laptop.

These designs are being given without any royalty contract to the author. So, if a mobile app entrepreneur/developer decides to produce an app based on these ideas and designs, they do not have any obligation to pay the author any royalties on the product. The only request is to have an in-app ad for the author’s current promotion.

“This could really change how we use a cell phone and shake up the industry,” says Sol Heston, the author of the book, and continues with an encouragement “for app developers everywhere to work on this new direction as a community!” Eventually, Smart TV’s can be installed throughout a home, in the office, or anywhere in public for a consumer to connect with their cell phone and use it like a desktop computer.

Amazon Listing of “The Next World-Changing App!”:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M9DXJXU

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Company Name: The Next World-Changing App!
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