The West Virginia Heroin Epidemic – Can it Be Turned Around?

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The overdose rate from heroin is nine times the national average.

West Virginia is a blue-collar state, historically, where people perform physical labor for a living. The state is known for its forestry, coal/gas, and manufacturing-based industries. Many of these jobs had/have, statistically, a high rate of injuries. Often, when people are injured, they are prescribed prescription drugs. Today, a large majority of those addicted to heroin in Huntington, West Virginia began their addiction journey with prescription medications for injuries. When access to their medications was denied, they graduated to heroin and illicit drugs. There is a West Virginia heroin epidemic. Can it be turned around?

Other Addiction Causes for West Virginians

In addition to challenges with the local economy, many residents of West Virginia have dealt with depression, anxieties, low self-esteem, and other mental disorders that provide fertile ground for addictions to develop. People do not start out with the idea of becoming addicted, regardless of their drug of choice. However, with abuse, addiction happens.

Symptoms of Heroin Abuse

All too often, before a heroin addict seeks help, they experience an extreme low in life. There are always signs that indicate a person is abusing heroin. Heroin can rapidly induce a state of extreme relaxation and calm. Addicts may also show signs of dry mouth, constricted pupils, shortness of breath, hyper alertness followed by signs of being disconnected. They may also show revealing needle marks in certain areas of their body.

Heroin inhibits the brain’s ability to register pain. After a time, addicts may be able to hide signs of their addiction. However, if you are aware of the signs, you may be able to convince that individual help is needed.

Treatment for Heroin Abuse

When an individual decides to seek treatment for their addiction, and they enter rehab, detox is the first and most critical stage of recovery. Detox removes harmful chemicals from the body, and a person’s length of time in detox depends on how long the process takes. Detox may last from several days to several weeks depending on the severity of the patient’s addiction. Once their body stabilizes, medications can be adjusted accordingly.

Counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are essential components in helping recovering addicts make the mind/behavior connection. Without a solid understanding of their own actions, recovering addicts have a much harder time of realizing long-term sobriety. Counseling, with the client’s approval, can also benefit family members and friends. The patient gains a far better understanding of their role in having severed relationships, and family members or friends learn more about addiction and what individuals must navigate and overcome to get back on the road to sobriety.

Addiction affects the lives of everyone involved. It destroys relationships, places careers on hold, and can sap the very will to live from the addict. Rehab works. The first brave act is to seek help at a qualified addiction center. Detox and the rehab process may present a challenge, but seeing help now is far better than seeking help later.


Another benefit of treatment is the aftercare process that can be a continuation of rehab. Patients still have access to counseling and therapies. The pursuit of sobriety may take a lifetime, but will always be worth the effort and time spent. Find the help need for yourself or a loved one.

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