Massachusetts Drug Addiction – Heroin Abuse Runs Rampant

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Massachusetts has long been plagued with a drug addiction problem; namely heroin.

Compared to the rest of the country, Massachusetts emergency rooms deal with heroin abuse cases at four times the rate of other parts of the country. Charleston, a city of 17,500 residents dealt with a heroin problem so significant that communities joined forces to drive dealers out of town, and to provide treatment for addicted individuals. Charleston’s population is 76% white, 10% black, and 8% Asian. When it comes to Massachusetts drug addiction, heroin abuse runs rampant.

The rise of prescription drug abuse across the country is partly to blame for Massachusetts’s drug addiction dilemma. Prescription drugs include opioids, OxyContin, Vicodin, morphine, codeine, and meth to name several. Prescription drugs can be expensive for some. Prescriptions are also limited due to federal restrictions. As a result, many people have turned to heroin as an affordable alternative to alleviate their pain. Heroin is cheaper, affordable, and much easier to come by.

Northeast Drug Trafficking

There are long established drug distribution centers in New York and Boston. Drugs come primarily from South America. Motorcycle gang members are quite often the retailers for drug trafficking in the state, and intimidation and violence are used to maintain and expand drug trafficking territories. This leads to high crime rates, which only add to the problem of heroin addiction.

Various transport channels are used to bring drugs into the area. These can include things like mixing drugs with normal sea cargo, using family members to ship through the normal postal service, and drugs concealed on or in bodies. There are, no doubt, countless ways. Recently, Atlanta and Raleigh have become major distribution centers for distributing drugs to Massachusetts.

Seeking Help for a Heroin Addiction

The first step toward sobriety is to admit there is an addiction problem. This is actually a brave act because many addicts remain in denial of their addiction. Once the decision is made to attend rehab, a clinic is chosen and intake is scheduled. The intake process collects relevant information about the patient’s drug history and that of any relatives. Patients are also assisted in choosing the best method to pay for their rehab treatments.

Patients enter detox and are placed in an inpatient program to assist them through this initial, challenging stage of withdrawal. It can be the most challenging because patients allow clinicians to prescribe medication that remove addictive toxins from their body. The length of detox depends on the addicted drug, the length of time it was abused, and the patient’s overall health at the time of rehab.

Rehab provides the medications and therapies that treat the addiction along with co-occurring conditions. Such conditions can include mental disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, or eating disorders to name several. These types of mental disorders can cause relapse if not addressed during rehab.

Patients are taught to identify and avoid those triggers that can cause relapse. Triggers represent any condition, person, circumstance, or event that can lead to substance abuse or relapse for those having gone through rehab. If you or a loved one is suffering from a heroin addiction, get immediate help. Human potential is a terrible thing to waste.

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