10Fund, China’s Next Generation VC evolving its startups into Entrepreneurship Giants!

In this ever evolving complex world, Entrepreneurship is changing the face of economies from Africa to Asia, America to Australia and lives of people from Addis Ababa to Toronto, Sau Paulo to Shanghai. This trend has taken the world along with it especially for the last 3 years. In this haphazard phenomenon that some call a game of Funding and selling start-ups, there is another important trend that is going unnoticed by the rest of the world.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – A Chinese proverb.

In China, the gradual shift away from a manufacturing-centric economy towards a service and consumer-led economy, coupled with the support of the government through financial incentives are helping foster innovation and entrepreneurship which bodes well for the future of VCs in China. According to KPMG, Global investment into venture capital-backed companies hit a record high of USD128.5 billion in 2015, with China deals accounting for more than one-fifth of the world total. Data from Venture Pulse, a quarterly global report on venture capital (VC) trends published jointly by KPMG International and CB Insights, shows that while global VC funding activity in the full year of 2015 decreased by 3 percent from 2014 to 7,872 deals, total deal value jumped by 44 percent to a record high of USD128.5 billion and China was a major driving force behind this growth. 


According to EY Global VC Trends Report in 2015, for the first time ever three of the yearly top five 5 deals were outside the US and all were in China. China now accounts for three times more investment than all the countries of Europe put together, raising total funding of US$49 billion through 1,635 deals in 2015 including several billion-dollar-plus deals, notably the top deal of the year was China Internet Plus Holding Ltd. worth $3.3 billion. It has been noted that funding in China has grown seven-fold in the last five years, from US$7 billion in 2010 to US$49 billion in 2015. At the same time, the average deal size has doubled from US$15m in 2010 to US$30m in 2015. These sheer numbers speak for this humungous unnoticed market by the rest of the world. Recently, TechinAsia released an article dated Jul 8,2016 named ‘We’ve been underestimating the size of China’s VC market all along’, which speaks for the same.

Within China, there is another trend which is the magnanimous investment on R&D which has led to building an extensive range of core expertise of products and services. This expertise and passion are making companies interested in an overseas expansion of their respective enterprises. In India, for say, Xiaomi, a mobile phone manufacturing start-up of China is already the third-largest mobile phone company.

In this Chinese VC market, which some claim is already bigger than the US VC market, there are few who have a complete expertise of investment, post-investment management, business development and other important aspects of an overseas expansion.

One of those few VCs is ’10 Fund’, a revolutionary Venture Capital firm from China focusing on Internet and high-tech companies that are capable of continuous innovation. The ’10′ in the name of the company itself represents the binary code, the beginning of the computer revolution, planting a solid foundation to the roots of today’s business. It is a leading a business conglomerate with over 50 companies that includes many of the fastest growing businesses from a wide range of industries and has invested in over 25 companies including vast overseas investments. It aims to be a next-generation Industry based investor with a spirited belief. As per financial year 2016, the annual turnover of 10Fund exceeds RMB 300 Million.

10Fund is founded by Mr. Bin Wang who is the current chairman of the company and has more than 19 years of experience in VC Industry. Prior to 10Fund, he founded Shanghai Nuohui investment Management Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Junsheng Venture Capital Centre.

Notably, In 2011, Mr. Wang, as a chief financial advisor, led the RMB 180 billion debt financing project for Changsha Railway Group and worked as an expert consultant for Shanghai Jinshan District Government.

As seen in the picture, the planet Mars represents change, ‘Celebrate your Glory’ representing togetherness and the space representing the need of growing into another stage of business in order to evolve with the ever changing trends of the society, basing the foundation of the company on the need to changing and evolving businesses with the fast-paced trends, most notably Internet.

It aimsto participate in the value creation of emerging start-ups with money and experience through comprehensive and consummate investment system, steady and professional post-management. 10Fund is bullish on both internet-related industries and high-tech innovation companies to form a dynamic ecosystem and mitigating investment risks to further amplify the value creation and thus transforming traditional enterprises. 
10Fund’s expertise Is to provide an extensive post-investment management and value added services ranging from Complete company governance, Optimizing Capital Structure, Team Motivation, Improving Financial Management, Improving Market Reach, Reinforcing Supply Chain Efficiency to Supporting Business Development. This Business Model guarantees Business Operational Sustainability to the investee as well as returns to 10Fund.


The picture shows one of their incubators in Beijing. The company already has over 2000+ Employees in Portfolio, 3+ Incubators and is present in 10+ Industries.

10Fund has invested In more than 25 companies ranging from Internet sector to healthcare and other innovative and leading sectors. These companies are Bluehalo, iKuai, Botbrain.ai, Airmule, CAIZ, Lihe Extract, Romens, LiZiBa, Juhe Data, CareerX, Cella, Aiden, Working Dog, Liushanmen, Highcar, BRJD, Zhentu, Ant Farm and more. Some of these companies’ valuation has increased to even up to 50 times of their base value.

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10Fund also has an active strategic interest in Internet Data Industry and has invested in multiple companies for the same. Notable Investments are-        Data Sourcing – BlueHalo, iKuai, TeddyData

Data Processing – Sensors Analytics

Data Analytics – Brainbot.ai

Data Application – Juhe Data, BRJD

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