NEW and improved basketball program at Universal Academy Coppell

COPPELL, TX – 10/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Universal Academy is proud to introduce our NEW and improved basketball program at both campuses, As you probably have heard, 13 year National Basketball Association veteran, Mo Williams has adopted Universal Academy. Mo continues to be a strong advocate for and avid supporter of Scholar Athletes and has designed a basketball program that matches the relevance and integrity of Universal Academy’s outstanding academic excellence. Our goal is to establish national and statewide teams that will bring a new level of prominence to our students as well as the Universal Academy brand through their play on the court, as well as, their off the court demonstration of integrity and leadership. We will create a team of productive young men and women who will represent their respective communities.

This year we will operate one Independent boy’s basketball team at our Coppell campus that will travel nationally and compete throughout the country in over 20+ contests. The requirements for a position on the independent team:

  • Must tryout
  • Must exhibit “elite level status”
  • Must demonstrate a high intensity attitude and commitment to the game that is equaled in the classroom. 

We will also continue the:

  • UIL boy’s High school team (Irving Campus),
  • UIL boy’s Jr High Team (at each campus if numbers permit),
  • UIL girl’s high school team (Irving Campus only),
  • UIL girl’s Jr High (each campus provided student numbers are available)

The UIL boy’s and girl’s high school teams will compete in over 20+ contests throughout the state in the 1A classification. Our goal is to develop these students into state champs and to grow their potential athletically to help create another avenue for furthering education beyond high school. Also at the UIL level, we will develop our Jr High teams from the basic fundamental level to ensure a strong foundation in the game, as well as leadership, sportsmanship, and basketball IQ.

Our staff consists of only UA employees, many of which are former professional and collegiate basketball players, which have played at the highest level of the sport. These coaches show a level of enthusiasm and commitment parallel to none and all represent the highest standards and values of the UA community. 

As a program, our goal is to include all of the students within the UA community. We are also providing growth from the grassroots perspective by building basketball clinics, after school programs, summer programs, and morning skills sessions which will develop students basic motor skills as they pertain to the game, and spark their interest in the possibilities of basketball.

We realize that this is a new adventure for many of our students and parents, so we have decided to defer our Fall After-School Basketball program for a short period of time so that we can offer a “FREE” simple of our program to both students and parents. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me. Trey Johnson

Our staff has met and exceeded the State of Texas requirements for their coaching positions. Below is a list of our coaches and the Athletic Director.

List Of Coaches

Tyrell Woody – Boys Independent Coach (Coppell)
Fred Gaines – Boys UIL (Irving Coach)
Robert Breland – Girls UIL (Irving High School Coach)
Yaileen Quinones – Girls UIL (Coppell Middle School Coach)
Tenekra Zellars – Girls UIL (Middle School Coach)
Gerald Peoples – Universal Academy Athletic Director

“Together We Fly”

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