DressLily Switched to Smarter Logistic Options and Strengthened Quality Commitments

DressLily now has smarter logistic options. The ecommerce store has also adopted more stringent quality control measures.

DressLily has evolved into a reputable and trustworthy supplier of latest fashion clothing and accessories which are designed for both men and women. The company’s continued commitment to catering to its customers and taking their feedback seriously has contributed to its steady growth. The e-commerce company has recently rehashed its quality commitment by strengthening its quality control policies. Additionally, the company has announced the launch of priority direct shopping option. The management believes that these changes will help their customers to receive their products faster, while at the same time, they can quality products.

DressLily, the ecommerce fashion store is based out of China. From China, normal postal delivery of goods to faraway countries take weeks generally. Express delivery options are chosen by Chinese ecommerce companies just to ensure that their products reach the offshore customers faster than usual. However, DressLily management understands that express delivery is a more expensive option and recently introduced priority direct shopping for their customers so as to deliver goods at the speed of express delivery yet at the price of normal delivery.

In addition to that, the company has embraced new and more stringent quality control measures to make sure that the products meet their quality benchmarks. Products that are sold through DressLily by independent manufacturers and designers are sent as samples to the management. The fashion garments quality assessment team then takes a closer look at the samples to detect the defects. This way, manufacturing defects can easily be detected and eliminated.

DressLily quality assessment team recently launched an in-depth quality control measure to determine product quality before shipment. Even after a product passes an initial quality check, the company goes on to check the individual products for possible errors. Also, the management has reshaped its return, exchange and refund policy to ensure customer satisfaction. The ecommerce firm accepts returns within thirty days of the customer receiving it. The customer support team can be contacted through the ‘Contact Us’ page.

The ecommerce company is a subsidiary of Globalesgrow, an ecommerce corporation which also has brands like Trendsgal and NastyDress. NastyDress offers edgy apparels, whereas Trendsgal offers vintage style clothing. Both sites now have the same quality standards and logistics options as DressLily.


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