Tech Startup Introduces Game Thinking System to Enhance Development Teams

CHICAGO, IL – 10/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — GetBadges is proud to announce a solution to enhancing employee engagement, motivation, and team collaboration. Their solution is geared towards IT and development teams and transforms every day work activities into a game.

“We began noticing that IT and development teams struggled with staying on task and staying motivated throughout their numerous, highly complex projects. Reviewing code and fixing bugs is complicated and tedious work. Our goal was to create a system that would help keep employees more motivated and excited to do their work than ever before,” says Justyna Wojtczak, CEO of GetBadges. “We noticed that numerous programmers happen to also be gamers. This was a niche market and we decided to provide a product that would bring together technology work product with gaming elements.”

GetBadges benefits IT teams by helping developers make smaller commitments and to motivate them to get work done on a more frequent basis. The gaming elements and game thinking approach GetBadges brings helps re-brand code reviews and causes them to become a much more desired activity on each team. The system results in teams cooperating more cohesively, preventing failed builds and production errors, and ultimately, increases the quality for the end user.

Wojtczak says, “Our system is unique because it encourages employees to compete for experience points by implementing new features, reviewing code, fixing bugs, and releasing software not just on time, but ahead of time. The GetBadges model has benefits that can be seen all the way down the development line to when the end user is able to utilize the product.”

Tech companies across the world are now able to begin utilizing GetBadges to begin enhancing their teams. The GetBadges plans start at $56 per month for ten players and can max out at over $200 per month for 50 players.

“Why not encourage your team to become more motivated, engage your employees more, and help your teams collaborate in a way that you may have once thought was not possible? GetBadges is our gift to development teams, it just requires a small investment by employers to see the incredible benefits and rewards a game thinking approach can bring to their staff and the eventual end user,” says Wojtczak.

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