Midwest Home Services Now Offers Fireplace Cleaning and Chimney Cleaning

Golden Valley, MN Midwest Home Services, a Golden Valley based duct cleaning company, has recently announced that they have added fireplace and chimney cleaning services to their list of quality cleaning options. In addition to chimney sweeping, the company also performs masonry services and chimney repair. For more than 20 years, the company has been providing local residents with top of the line cleaning services for their air ducts, furnaces, air conditioning units, and dryer vents.

It’s no secret that Minnesota homeowners love their fireplaces. With the local climate, many homeowners have gotten used to curling up next to a roaring fire in the winter months. But an improperly cleaned or maintained fireplace and chimney, much like the other vents in a home, can cause safety hazards. Midwest Home Services provides fireplace cleaning, chimney repair, and even masonry services on chimney caps and the overall structure, which allows the company’s experienced chimney sweeps to restore any fireplace and perform any necessary cleaning in order to keep residents warm and safe during the upcoming season.

According to the company’s Gleason Glover, “At Midwest Home Services, our top priority is helping local homeowners enjoy a safe and cozy winter season by giving them the best possible cleaning for the vents, ducts, and chimneys in their homes. The type of Chimney cleaning Minneapolis residents need is quickly becoming one of our top services in the area, thanks to our experienced cleaning technicians and our complete attention to detail. We use the European Chimney Sweep method, which utilizes a wire brush sized for each chimney and flexible rods that allow us to clean the entire flue effectively. This technique is best for removing creosote build-up, which in turn helps to eliminate the chance of a chimney fire.”

Midwest Home Services also provides a 14-point chimney and fireplace inspection with their cleaning services to help Minneapolis chimneys look and operate their best. An annual inspection to the fireplace and chimney can save thousands in additional repairs and damages. A faulty or dirty fireplace and chimney is not only hazardous to the health of a home, but to the health of the inhabitants as well. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are just two of the most common hazards for those who do not invest in professional fireplace cleaning MN and proper annual inspection of the fireplace and chimney.

In addition to their fireplace and chimney cleaning and repair services that are so popular with Minneapolis and Twin Cities residents this time of year, Midwest Home Services also provides a number of other year round cleaning services designed to keep homes safe and cozy. These include dryer vent cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, and air duct cleaning MN. With their flat rate pricing and easy online booking, Midwest Home Services makes keeping a home’s ventilation properly cleaned and maintained an affordable and vital investment.

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