4 North Carolina Towns Listed in Top 20 for Opioid Abuse

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When a state shows up four times in a top 20 listing for highest opioid drug use, you know there is a problem that needs addressing.

So exactly what has happened? First, opioids are “a type” of medicine that is often used to relieve pain symptoms. Most often, opioids are prescribed by doctors to relieve pain from surgeries, injuries, dental work, and chronic conditions that may include cancer. A chronic condition is anything that is long-term; or lasts a long time. Opioids even fit into the category of some cough medicines.

When used correctly, opioids are usually safe. However, when improper use, opioids can become addictive. Then, there are those who become addicted even after following their doctor’s prescription to the letter.

List of Opioid Drugs

Opioid drugs include the following: codeine, fentanyl, heroin, methadone, opium, oxycodone, paregoric, and morphine.

What Exactly Is an Addiction?

An addiction is a disease, and if affects one’s brain and body. Initially, even with illicit use, a person has control over their drug—but only for an extremely short period of time. Some people become addicted to a drug the first time they use it. The pleasure effect of drugs makes people want to keep using their drug. Over a period, their brain’s chemistry changes to a point where the urge to use the drug becomes powerful and overwhelming.

Common Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

When an individual is addicted to opioids, there are a number of tell-tale signs. The symptoms displayed can be behavioral, physical, or psychological. One of the easiest signs to spot is if a person uses their drug beyond its clinically recommended use. Look for poor coordination, constipation, signs of physical agitation, an inability to make good decisions, difficulty handling responsibilities, and poor sleeping habits.

Seeking Rehab Support

When a drug addiction takes over, the only viable solution is to seek help at a reputable rehab facility. The first order of business is to go through an intake process that collects as much medical information as possible. Patients are also asked if anyone in their family has been involved with drugs. Once a patient is cleared for rehab treatments, they are given a physical and psychological assessment. Rehab centers want to know if there are any co-occurring mental disorders that may cause future relapse. Mental disorders may include eating disorders, mood disorders, depression, and anxiety. Detox is the first hurdle for patients to overcome. It can last several days or several weeks depending on the patient’s health, length of addiction, and their drug of choice. Patients are screened around-the-clock to make sure their condition is improving. Their medications can be adjusted accordingly. Rehab offers counseling in the form of one-on-one, group, and family modalities. This is where patients work with their therapist to nail down the causes of their addiction.

The role of cognitive behavioral therapy plays an important role because it helps patients to examine their own thought patterns with respect to their present condition. Life can be challenging, and it is easy to succumb to economic and social pressures. When patients learn coping skills in rehab, they are able to leverage those skills throughout a lifetime.

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