Most Abused Drugs in Iowa Include Painkillers and Heroin

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Iowa, like other states in the country, is cracking down on the sale and distribution of prescription drugs.

This crackdown has its downside though. The state is witnessing a rise in heroin addiction on a scale never before seen. In reality, heroin still lags behind marijuana use, but the most abused drugs in Iowa include painkillers and heroin.

The results are deadly. The state has seen fatal overdoses climb significantly in the past several years. People, first, become addicted to painkillers, and then move on to harder drugs like heroin once an addiction has formed and access to their prescription is limited or cut off. The majority of heroin addicts now are people who were first addicted to painkillers. The price of heroin makes it an easy sell as well. For instance, the price of OxyContin costs between $10 and $80, while heroin can be purchased for about $10.

Interstate 35 and 80 is a major drug route that reaches Iowa from Chicago, Omaha, and Texas. Drugs fill the streets of America, and are far cheaper that buying pharmaceuticals. Manufactures produce precisely manufactured pain pills. As such heroin presents a deadly risk because the addict never knows what is in their dose.

There Is Help in Rehab

Rehab, for many addicts that find it, represents that last hope of breaking free of their addiction. The key for any individual, who makes the decision to attend, is to find a rehab that works for them. Patients can choose with respect to counseling and therapies offered, and the staff’s experience and certifications. Patients can also make their choice based on the facility’s location. Close proximity means that friends and relatives can visit. A center far away allows for a greater degree of privacy.

Inpatient and outpatient programs provide the counseling and medications that patients need to work toward sobriety. Without understanding their addition and its triggers, patients are more likely to fall back into relapse.

Intake and Detox

When patients make the decision to enroll in rehab, which by the way is a historic decision, intake will determine their status to pay and educate clients about the entire rehab process. Patients arrive knowing what to expect. Detox is the first phase that removes harmful chemicals from their body. It can be the most challenging phase, and will usually last from several days to several weeks. Detox for many can last longer. Inpatient treatments are intense, and grant patients access to 24/7 medications and medical attention. Outpatient treatments are less intense, and allow patients to return home at the end of their daily rehab sessions.

Effective rehab will include healthy eating, counseling and cognitive behavioral therapies that allow patients to make the connection with their thinking and behavior. Better, more positive, thinking leads to more favorable outcomes in life.

Aftercare allows patients to remain connected to their facility and to engage other associations like Narcotics Anonymous (NA). All that a patient has to do to join is have a strong determination to remain drug free, and to attend meetings and functions.

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