MediNail Inc announces an advanced DNA home self test for fungal nails called OnychoTest

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN – 10/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — MediNail  Inc announces the availability to the public for the first time ever an advanced home DNA self screening kit called the OnychoTest. The highly sensitive DNA Kit screens toenails for onychomycosis, a fungal infection that affects nearly 35 million people in the United States each year. The OnychoTest will look for over 2000 fungi and 3000 bacterial organisms as opposed to current lab culture techniques that only test for approximately 30 fungal organisms. The CDC reports over 300 fungi may have human implications for causing nail and skin disease. The theory that nail biofilm leads to drug resistance, may explain why oral pills like terbinafine and prescription topicals like Jublia and Kerydin only eradicate fungus in roughly 38-53% of patients. This extra DNA information could account for why some nails test negative for fungus but remain ‘infected’ with a microbial biofilm or ‘swampy soup of organisms’ acting as a collective pathogen.

About the OnychoTest

Dr Robert Spalding, the CEO of MediNail Inc, has created a simple three step program to test the nails from home. Simply clip, collect and ship the nail samples to MediNail using an at home testing kit. Within 3 weeks an advanced report will be available to inform the client of his or her results who may choose to confirm it with their local medical professional or the client may choose from one of over 600 podiatrists nationwide who are using the new test in their practices.  Anyone can sign up for the special OnychiTest requisition form online at  and send in a sample of their toenails in just a few minutes.  A downloadable presentation is available on the home page. 

About MediNail Inc

A pioneer in infectious nail diseases and author of the book, ‘Death By Pedicure’, Dr. Spalding explains “The main reason I wanted to make this test available to the public is to help prevent nail infections- which are growing at an alarming rate.”  Dr Spalding relates this is the first test ever offered to the public that may help identify high risk individuals for developing a lifetime of nail infections like onychomycosis.  The cleint can choose from a network of podiatric nail specialists to confirm and/or treat the underlying condition. Now anyone can find out if they may have nail fungus and get it treated quickly before it can spread to other members of the family. MediNail Inc is a division of MediNail Learning Center ( which first pioneered advanced online training in 2006 for nail technicians to become a MediNail Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) and/or a Medical Nail Technician  (MNT) with the goal of preventing nail salon infections and helping nail techs work in podiatry offices.

For More information on OnychoTest or Medinail contact Dr Spalding or Sheryl Morgan at 423-805-7966 or email at

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