Internet + Lifestyle: IEXPAY creates the future trend of closed-loop payment platform

“Financial Technology” or best known as “Fintech” is considered to be the hottest topic in today’s Internet ecosystem. With the new trend of taking advantage of the integration of Internet + finance, fintech is in a stage of rapid development. At the moment, finance services are expanding vertically in two directions, financial database which depends on cloud computing and big data mining are growing up, whilst O2O (online to offline) closed-loop financial models are developing the depth of the industry; while IEXPAY, a division of US listed company, Asiana Corporation Ltd., is the later.

As an important component of fintech, third party payment gateways must have an all-round strategy in fintech, constantly tapping into different economic growth points, in order to have an unbeatable position under the dual pressures of competition from within the industry and industry supervision.

IEXPAY platform, whilst servicing users, has always been committed to helping merchants, and has balanced the development for merchants, shareholders and dealers; this is indeed very commendable.

IEXPAY: the only closed-loop payment gateway platform in Asia

IEXPAY is the only closed-loop payment gateway platform in Asia, it is also the only foreign online payment gateway and settlement system which is approved and endorsed in China mainland, mainly providing online and offline transactions for payment clearing and cashing services in the Asia Pacific region. Based on the model of “Internet + Lifestyle”, IEXPAY’s unique innovative integrated solution, provides payments and accurate marketing services solutions for physical merchants; provides localized, full-scale, high quality, consumer life experiences for dealers and creates diversified equity income for shareholders, thus creating a complete closed-loop ecosystem for dealers, merchants and shareholders.

As a closed-loop third party payment platform that is different to Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal, it has unique advantages. Firstly, using “Internet + Lifestyle”, it opens up both online and offline transactions, integrating the businesses under the flagship of the Asiana, along with classified trading counters, into eight major categories: tourism, restaurants, hotels, casinos, real estate, entertainment, shopping malls and F&B that can use the IEXPAY system. Apart from being a convenient facility to dealers and merchants, it also facilitates investors investing in and transferring shares. This has played a great role in accelerating the prosperity of the consumer market and promoting the development of the real economy. Currently, a total of 21 banks in China and Hong Kong, and hundreds of merchants are applying to use the IEXPAY system. In addition, IEXPAY was officially authorized to develop the South East Asian market, includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand since 20 July 2016.

Established multiple income streams

Secondly, establishing diversified shareholder incomes, such as: click bonus, share allotment revenue, share split revenue, downline income, and using group dealer bonus to boost the shareholders’ platform activity. The shareholders’ revenue depends on the vibrancy of the shareholders’ platform, which mutually beneficial for the shareholders, dealers and merchants. This means the traffics and platform activities of IEXPAY have outperformed the other third party payment gateway; through the IEXPAY platform, merchants may establish a distinct competitive advantage. Relying on the innovative business logic and payment model, whilst IEXPAY is servicing the real economy, it has also achieved the rapid development of its own business, and was named the most worthy potential investment of Internet financial companies in 2016.

Balanced development for merchants, shareholders and dealers

In its development blueprint, IEXPAY will continue to vigorously implement innovative strategies, using mobile Internet application techniques, to provide a premium consumption and payment service platform, not only providing a full scale premium lifestyle experience for dealers and consumers, but also bring traffics and crowds for merchants, as well as creating multiple income streams for shareholders.

IEXPAY will create a dealer management system through its payment platform, to establish a strong user coherency; apart from consolidating and retaining customers, this will also allow the platform to be more vibrant. On the other hand, it is also building a large database of dealers and merchants and is providing personalized marketing services for dealers, thus helping dealers to improve the impact of their marketing and greatly save on their marketing expenses. In addition, IEXPAY will have in-depth co-operation with banks and insurance companies, to provide payment installment services, mutual trust funds, etc for dealers. At the same time, it can provide short-term loan support, cash flow management and other financial services to merchants.

Eventually, this will form a complete closed-loop payment platform that can provide dealers with high quality lifestyle experiences whilst creates diversified income streams for dealers, merchants and shareholders.

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