Severely injured animal welfare nonprofit founder seeks crowdfund support for surgery

Jack Benke, founder & president of national animal welfare nonprofit Pet Rescue Coalition, has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me to meet up his exorbitant surgery costs meant for severe injuries he sustained on a road accident while saving some pups.

Marina del Rey, CA, October 25, 2016: Critically injured founder & president of leading national nonprofit Pet Rescue Coalition, Jack Benke, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me seeking support to meet up his daunting surgery costs. The kind hearted animal lover met with a tragic accident of late that called for multiple expensive surgeries & extensive physical therapy for a year. The first of such surgeries have been conducted already but additional surgeries are ahead along with the physical therapy.



The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $25k. The additional surgeries are scheduled to be operated in couple of months.

“Benke has always been upfront about saving lives of abused, lost and abandoned pets. It was during one such occasion when this generous man was rushing to save some pups from forced euthanasia, a mindless drunk driver rolled his car over him- and that too multiple times resulting in a critically injured Jack. Much to our dismay, he ended up with severe spinal damage to the upper, cervical, spine and the lower, thoracic, spinal column. Such a serious condition was prescribed multiple cutting-edge surgeries and a year-long physical therapy. Albeit, the first of such surgeries has been recently conducted yet there are some additional surgeries in line as well as the physical therapy. His medical bills are reaching a staggering high and it’s getting hard for him to meet all the exorbitant expenses single-handedly. Thus, this crowdfunding campaign. In fact, despite his traumatic injuries & debilitating surgery, Jack has never stopped his endeavors towards animal welfare. Your hearty support here would help a lot to ensure that Benke gets back to his active self once again so that he can successfully carry on with his mission to make the world a better place for our furry friends”, stated a leading spokesperson from Pet Rescue Coalition.



An erstwhile journalist & college dean based in Marina Del Rey, Jack Benke launched Pet Rescue Coalition in 2012 which presently operates with 90+ coalition partners across whole of the America. Together with coalition partners, the leading animal welfare organization is aimed to save lost, abused and abandoned pets through advocacy and education of betterment of animals. The coalition programs carried by the organization cover a wide range of educational programs on adopting Vs buying the pets, nudging for much needed no-kill shelters, more stringent legislation concerning animal abuse, programs on pet fostering, pet care education in academic institutions & more. Benke has also launched a therapeutic program called Paws & Pals which match pets in trouble with kids who have faced abuse, neglect, medical challenges or are trapped in poverty & despair.

“With animal violence and mistreatment on a rise today, the world needs more and more kind-hearted animal lovers like Benke who believes in actively doing something meaningful for these innocent lives. His endeavors must go on uninterrupted and for this he needs to get well soon. Your support here would assure a convenient treatment for him so that he can carry on with his great leadership on part of our victimized animal companions. “

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