The Largest Korean Startup Event In Silicon Valley To Take Place At Levi’s Stadium On November 3rd

25 prominent Korean startups are expected to make their Silicon Valley debut, plus fireside panel chat with leading VCs, entrepreneurs, and investors

The 2016 K-Global Silicon Valley Startup Pitch Eventis set to take place at Levi’s Stadium (3rd Floor), on November 3rd, 2016 featuring 25 Korean startups making their exclusive Silicon Valley debut.


The dedication of entrepreneurs and inventors has made South Korea one of the most exciting birth places of developing businesses. The participating startups are fully prepared to launch to the next level of development and essentially discover some new partners, clients, as well as investors. Participating startups include:


  • NextAeon – NextAeon offers the easiest and most affordable virtual reality solution to help ordinary real estate agents sell houses faster and make more efficient use of their time. IMSV provides a smartphone-based VR kit, app and cloud to create, edit and share 360-degree virtual tours.


  • MoreDream – FAST System is an innovative keyboard system for mobile phones and small devices like TV remote controls that allows users to type Arabic, Farsi and Urdu easily, accurately and quickly, without typos. Furthermore, Fast System is expanding its business coverage to advertising businesses.


  • Mopic –  MOPIC is a spin-off startup of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Media and Communications R&D Center founded in November, 2015. It has developed a glasses-free smart mobile VR cover that utilizes industry-first eye-tracking and real-time rendering technologies.


  • BLH Aqua Technology – Aqutonix is a water treatment system that improves the overall productivity of produce by changing characteristics of water at the molecular cluster level and using key features of aquaporin, a membrane protein in the epithelial cells that are located in the plant’s root hair.


  • SecuLetter – Cyber criminals can evade existing email security tools and systems by hiding malicious links and attachments in emails.


  • IPL – is a robotic startup company established on March 10, 2014, that is trying to create a new service environment based on robotics technology.


  • InnomdleLab – Sgnl is a smart strap developed by Innomdle Lab that enables users to answer phone calls with just a fingertip. It applies body conduction technology that transmits sound through the body. ‘Innomdle‘ is short for “Innovation Medley,” which conveys the team’s endless pursuit of groundbreaking technology.


  • Taggle – Taggle is a photo gallery app that has solved the problem of organizing and finding photos in your smartphone, using hashtags instead of albums. Also, it provides new features, such as sharing some of your gallery photos with friends for 24 hours.



  • PiQuant – PiQuant is a spectroscopy-based IoT device that analyzes particles. Every substance has its own unique energy and spectrum. PiQuant uses spectroscopy technology to analyze the wavelength of each molecule and provides this analysis to users.


  • Poze – TransBox is a user-controlled security service designed to help keep confidential corporate data safe.  It allows for the tracking and deletion of data shared with partners or outsiders, regardless of the location of the data, on multiple communication services. There is no manpower for maintenance or upgrade required.   


  • ZCONVERTER INC –  ZConverter helps cloud service providers and enterprises make the cloud migration simple and easy.  Its flagship product, ZConverter Cloud Migration, provides an innovative and simple way to help enterprises with successful Cloud Onboarding as they move to Microsoft, Amazon or Private Cloud.


  • JinJoosoft – JinJooSoft develops technology that empowers small businesses. The source of inspiration for InnHouse comes from the needs of small businesses that struggle against corporate-owned entities. With InnHouse, we hope to change the culture of hotel operations.


  • X Lab – For manufacturers who need almost two years to develop and implement a payment feature, X Lab provides an easy-to-implement MFE payment solution that can significantly shorten this process. MFE works at any card terminal, because it is compatible with all existing magnetic card readers.


  • Runner’s High – Alyce is an internet-based AR content platform. On a TV or computer screen, the user’s real image and the teacher’s virtual image are merged onto one screen.  Anytime and anywhere people want, the augmented teacher can teach activities such as dance, yoga, guitar, makeup tutorials and more.


  • Absolarity – Absolarity leverages the power of self-driving/connected car technology and builds a traffic control system to reduce congestion. We aim to provide traffic management services, construction and maintenance of the V2X network for transportation service firms, car manufacturers and governments (city municipals and DOT).


  • juice – Easy Ear is an online ear training service. Juice develops original digital music technology, and this provides an online ear training environment that is very similar to an offline ear training environment. Easy Ear supplies a student ear training service at a reasonable price, whenever and wherever you want.


  • tutoring – In February of 2016, Tutoring created an application to provide an on-demand mobile English learning service. The core idea of Tutoring’s service was first born with a mind for those who want to learn how to speak English with qualified tutors in the most convenient way possible.


  • MFU co, ltd – MFU provides a way to communicate through music. It is an open platform where users can collaborate to create and share music.


  • GY networks Co., LTD. – GY Networks is making an intelligent video analysis engines module. Customers can choose the V/A engine they need, and it can drive with greater efficiency and differentiation of surveillance systems. The company’s standard tech engine and all of its products are designed for a rapidly changing environment in the IoT/ICT world.


  • Mcell Co., LTD. – Mcell is a company that develops and manufactures a fabric respiration sensor. With its fabric respiration sensor, Mcell developed Smartfit, which is a new generation of wearable devices created for exercise. Smartfit provides more accurate calorie consumption, sweat emission and motion counting, as well as an overtraining alarm.


  • Paygood – The Paygood system is a technology that processes payments by sending credit card companies the encrypted text of a consumer’s banking information (card number, card expiration date), which is created by scanning the actual credit card, without leaving the image data inside smartphones, tablets or PCs.


  • KTB Solution – a company founded in 2008 that hopes to become a leader in the information security field. The company has received recognition from its clients for its IP traceback system and device authentication system integrated with accredited certification, as well as for constructing security solutions such as biometric signature-based authentication and an IP-based access reliability certification system.


  • PopPay – PopPay is a high-frequency sound-based gadget that sends its unique ID and parameters to a customer’s smartphone. The customer can see the details and pay using their phone. Customers can also earn coupons or airline miles when they use the PopPay system.


  • Infosonic –  Sonic Wallet is a mobile wallet application for customers of financial corporations that uses an ultrasonic wave that Infosonic invented. When paying, the seller sends an order list to the buyer’s smartphone through the speaker of the seller’s device. Sonic Wallet can be authenticated by a finger scan, even on the lock screen.


  • NSBeyond – Trusted PassTM is a smartphone-based passwordless authentication solution developed with convenience and safety in mind. A wide array  of authentication methods, including typical ID/PW, OTP, SMS/ARS and FIDO can also be replaced or supplemented by Trusted PassTM.  The platform is a fully interoperable solution designed for any business wishing to deploy a secure passwordless authentication service.  



The startup pitch event will feature the following startups (above) who will have 4 minutes to pitch their startup or demo to a panel of judges along with Q&A. Judges include Perry Ha (Managing Director at Draper Athena), Steve Adelman (Managing Director at Nexus Partners), Doug Tsui (Managing Director at Horizon Ventures), Gideon Marks (Corporate Development at Metapacket),Crispin Read (CEO of Shumumble) and Adam Pluemer (Global Mentor at KIC)


In addition to the highly anticipated startup pitch event, experts will be on hand to share their wisdom and experience with a fireside chat featuring a elite lineup of panelists including Andrew Romans (Co-Founder / General Partner at Rubicon Venture Capital), Joe Jasin (Managing Director  at DNA Partners), Clint Chao (General Partner at Moment Ventures),  Alicia Castillo Holley (international angel investor), and John Della Penna (Early State Investment at Sand Hill Angels), moderated by Jim Connor (Producer & Host of Game Changers Silicon Valley). The fireside chat session topic will be “How To Build Or Run A Successful Startup In Silicon Valley”.  


The event will motivate those attending, provide them with positive insight and tools to move their business forward and an opportunity to network. The event is seen as the most exciting and largest Korean startup event in Silicon Valley with the focus of building dynamic innovation and business partnership between Korea and the U.S!



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About K-Global @ Silicon Valley:  Formerly known as K-Tech, K-Global @ Silicon Valley is now in its 5th year, the Startup Pitch Event is a sub event organized by Korea Innovation Center Silicon Valley (KIC) in partnership with National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP), Born2Global  and supported by SV 101 Venture Partners.


About Korea Innovation Center (KIC): KIC Silicon Valley serves as a global center for innovation and collaboration. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, where creativity and open innovation are cherished, KIC Silicon Valley strives to perform as one-stop solution provider for globalization by providing customized strategic support for international Startups and SMEs in any stages of development (A to Z services). By establishing/maintaining strong networking channels both local and abroad, KIC Silicon Valley connects and bridges tech & entrepreneurial communities between Korea and US. For more information visit: or follow on Facebook via


About SV 101 Venture Partners: SV 101 Venture Partners is a global technology accelerator located in the heart of Silicon Valley .SV 101 aspires to become a strategic partner to entrepreneurs who are determined and ambitious to create their global profiles. We also invest in early-stage startups to help them seamlessly grow in the global marketplace. For more information visit




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