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The purely natural product named “health regulator BIOFOR” boosts the immune system. So the chicken prophylaxis plan BIOFOR has allowed growth very significantly higher compared to conventional chicken prophylaxis plan.

10/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) —

Dr Adama KAMAGATE, researcher at the University Nangui Abrogoua in Abidjan has developed a new immunostimulant to face care that does not require the use of antibiotics. The excessive use of antibiotics has become  problematic  our  days.  The  problem  of health

related to the poultry sector is not spared. Modern poultry farming has grown dramatically in recent years due to people’s needs in animal protein. But modernization has come at the expense of the rules of hygiene resulting in the development of various diseases in these farms often with disastrous consequences for poultry or to humans. The birth of these conditions led to a massive use of antibiotics in poultry. However, the misuse of antibiotics in livestock prevention or cure has resulted in the selection of resistant bacterial strains. The spread of resistant strains by apparently healthy  poultry became a threat to health. We have developed the health regulator BIOFOR as an alternative to antibiotics. Our study has shown that the health regulator BIOFOR boosts the immune system. There was a significant increase of the total number of both leukocytes and lymphocytes compared to normal. Dr Adama KAMAGATE said that prophylaxis plan BIOFOR has allowed growth very significantly higher compared to conventional chicken prophylaxis plan. Adama KAMAGATE, PhD, is the author of the study whose works were published in the September 2016 edition of paper named “International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies”. The BIOFOR health regulator is a purely natural product made from plants. The results of our work allowed us to say that the use of health BIOFOR regulator would be beneficial to human or animal health in order to avoid the systematic use of antibiotics. For more information visit our website: http://www.bioforlab.com.

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