Comedian Nazareth: Comedy with a Purpose

Off the back of a particularly turbulent presidential campaign, coupled with a whole host of worldwide issues, the need to bring Americans back together for a little light-hearted entertainment has never seemed so great.

Comedian, Nazareth Rizkallah, is using laughter to do just that, through his hilarious yet inspirational shows. His one-of-a-kind approach, also looks at helping to improve well-being, with a focus on giving a smile to those facing challenging times.

Originally from the Middle East, and now living in Southern California, Nazareth is keen to combat many of the stereotypes that have added to divisions in the western world, and spread the word that not all Middle Easterners are terrorists. In fact, he wants to take that one step further and highlight the great things that many are doing for the United States.

During a 25-year career, Nazareth brings something of a relentless dedication to sharing happiness and inspiring people through his shows. Recognition and praise for his work has come from far and wide, with The New York Times reporting the “convulsing” effect he has on an audience.

Happiness is very much the focus for Nazareth, and he has featured on a host of national television shows, performed for government officials and received accolades from several prestigious individuals.

Since the start of his career, Nazareth has visited over 200 prisons as well as working with numerous homeless people to bring entertainment to those facing adversity.

Nazareth founded the Laughter for All organization. His “Laughter for All” events are just one of the ways that he aims to use his comedic talents to inspire and positively affect people. These popular concerts provide light relief and an escape from the day-to-day struggles with clean comedic acts. These FREE events target those people who can’t afford to go to the movies or a concert, bringing families together. A gift and food box is provided to everyone in attendance at the end of the evening, further promoting the ‘community’ feel of the events. As many as 5,000 people have headed to Laughter for All at venues including stadiums, sports arenas and fairgrounds.

In addition, Nazareth takes huge pride in his role as director of a ministry that supports Christians in the Gaza Strip.  He also is co-founder and Chair of Voice of Refugees, a ministry which helps those fleeing Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, helping them to assimilate and become productive citizens of the United States.

Despite the numerous awards, Nazareth’s greatest credit is as a husband and father. As a father of 3 children, and married for 20 years, Nazareth’s home life no doubt contributes to wanting to spread happiness, and provide laughter for all.


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