ACTON introduces the most advanced eboards on Earth

ACTON, Inc. is proud to unveil the three newest additions to our electric skateboard catalog: BLINK QU4TROBLINK S2, and BLINK S. Our three newest boards are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Why settle for old fashioned technology? BLINK QU4TRO can rocket up just about any paved hill you can find and will keep you on the road for a good 22 miles. Forget the last mile, ride all the miles. It’s punchy and responsive like a sports car… and built like one, too.

The BLINK QU4TRO is ACTON’s top-of-the-line, premier electric skateboarding experience. BLINK QU4TRO is one of the fastest, most powerful boards in the market and it is the only one with 4 wheel drive electric hub motors. Hills? What are those? You’ll forget in a hurry as the world starts to appear startlingly level. These boards are integrated machines. They are not what e-boards once were. They are not just a collection of off-the-shelf parts assembled with a few electronics. They are aluminum and carbon fiber Sci-Fi transporters from the future with *lasers and computers. Pew-Pew!

QU4TRO is like an electric car that you stand on.

• World’s 1st & Only Hub Motor 4 Wheel Drive eBoard
• Carbon/Aluminum Structure for Strength and Portability
• Unprecedented Engineering and Design With Amazing Range

The Blink S2 is the world’s lightest and most affordable dual motor eLongboard. We engineered the Blink S2 to have all the best attributes of electric skateboards available today at a price that is much more accessible to the general public. The batteries and other innards are housed within a hole in the wooden deck that makes the overall package much thinner and sleeker. It is sandwiched and reinforced with an aircraft aluminum extrusion to strengthen and protect the board and its electronics.

• TWO Hub Motors For More Power and Speed
• Canadian Maple Deck with Extruded Aluminum Reinforcement
• Powerful & Light Weight, Portable for Your Daily Commute

The Blink S is the newest generation to the Blink Board line. With a brand new design and reliable hub motors, the Blink S is ACTON’s solution to fast, portable, and affordable transportation. The Blink S is redesigned with a stunning aluminum wood aluminum design. This is a board that is everything it needs to be and nothing it isn’t. The strength of the aircraft aluminum extrusion combines with the wood deck to get a monocoque-like structure that sandwiches everything together.

• Powerful One Hub motor Drive for Performance & Portability
• Canadian Maple Deck with Extruded Aluminum Reinforcement
• Light As Feather and Super Portable for Your Daily Commute

The BLINK QU4TROBLINK S2, and BLINK S are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo. Backers can purchase the Blink S at an early bird price of $349, the Blink S2 at $549, and the Blink QU4TRO at $1,099.

The Indiegogo link can be found at

About ACTON, Inc.

We are creators and purveyors of lightweight, wearable, and fun transportation devices that blend technology and fashion.  Our passion for innovative technology and elegant designs makes us the cutting edge of the wearable transportation category. 

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Press Contact

The inventor of Rocketskates, the M Scooter, and the Blink Board, ACTON CTO Peter Treadway will be available for interviews and media sessions. 

For appointments, please contact:

Peter Treadway
1172 Castro St., Mountain View, CA 94040
(323) 286 3022

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Thuan Tran
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