The Clipper Condom: A New Tools Protector for Barbers and Groomers, Set to Outsell Bevel Trimmers

The Clipper Condom: The best way for barbers and groomers to protect their tools

Richmond, VA – 26th October 2016 – Jugaad Solutions, a creative, innovative and veteran owned startup company, proudly announces the launch of its new product “The Clipper Condom.” The Clipper Condom is designed to protect clippers and trimmers. Studies have shown that more than 12 million hair clippers and trimmers retail in the United States annually.

Almost double that growing number are purchased by haircare professionals and pet/personal groomers elsewhere in the world. The Clipper Condom has its place beside the biggest brands in the small appliances and personal grooming market sectors. The Clipper Condom was created to make these durable consumer goods even more durable.

CEO, Dana Hawes learned just how brittle these products could be during his frequent business travels and created what respected Grooming Industry professionals are calling, “A simple but ingenious product that is long overdue.”Andis Educator and career haircare professional, Kenny Duncan went on to describe the Clipper Condom as a “solution to a major problem for clipper cutters who provide mobile services or students who carry their tools to school daily.”

Borrowing a strategy from the marketing genius of Bevel CEO, Tristan Walker, Hawes has enlisted the support of a celebrity barber, Jamel Bishop from the reality-TV series, Barbers Inc. to identify a world-class spokesperson to endorse the Clipper Condom brand. Bishop (@melthebarber on Instagram) has featured his top-notch services in pictures and videos to celebrity clients in the NFL, NBA, MLB and an array of music industry icons like rappers The Game and Fabolous pictured here with the brand’s premium product, the Magnum Clipper Condom.

Hawes is confident that with the endorsement of such a celebrity, the Clipper Condom will outperform the retail sales of the highly anticipated Bevel Trimmer. Hawes points out that he is not interested in competing with Bevel but completing Walker’s flagship product and those like it. Mr. Walker has the unenviable position of competing with global brands like Wahl, Andis, and Babyliss. Clipper Condom will compliment all of these manufacturers, new and old units, that are currently in use in barbershops and grooming salons all over the world.

“These professional grooming products are not inexpensive. Maintenance can be costly and cumbersome. The Clipper Condom is a practical, cost-effective accessory to protect the buyer’s investment in professional tools,” says Hawes.

The Clipper Condom will quickly gain market traction as a barbering essential.

Early crowdfunding adopters of the Clipper Condom, regard this product as the best protective carrying case for barbers and regular guys that take their clippers and trimmers with them wherever they go. The Clipper Condom consists of a form-fitted neoprene sleeve that fits perfectly around your grooming tool of choice, and an exterior drawstring carrying case for easy portability and an added layer of protection. The Clipper Condom is available in 3 textures and 17 different colors. It is available now in a live Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at the lowest price possible with immediate shipping worldwide.

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