UN Climate- And Energy Policy Are The Greatest Danger To Humanity, After The Idea Of The Atomic Bomb. But Do Not Worry, HyMeAir Have The Ultimate And Most Genius Solution To Save Our World

HyMeAir offers a 90 percent reduction of current energy price and also, with the same air filtration method, an effective solution to the increasingly uncontrollable problem of carbon emission and pollution.

HyMeAir, a new-age company in the energy technology sector, claims to have cracked the code to achieve better air quality and reduced level of carbon dioxide in the air. HyMeAir has presented a method what is a sensational new invention that will give the world, almost free energy and also spare the future generations from the severe ill-effects of human-made carbon dioxide.

“We have all seen the utter fiasco of climate change initiatives by the UN during the recently concluded climate conference Paris Summit 2015,” says Claes Persson, CEO and inventor of the future energy technology. We have just witnessed the fastest increase in carbon dioxide level ever to 400 ppm despite spending billions of dollars on climate change projects. Our uniquely designed and innovative Nano Towers can reduce carbon dioxide level quickly and to a low cost.”

Nano Towers has the potential to change the world for us and future citizens and can make it a much safer and healthier place to live. What’s more, it can be done at a minuscule fraction of the cost of what is being spent today. According to the IMF, 2015 climate change failures cost was USD 6300 billion, six percent of world’s income, healthcare, and other welfare.

Claes Persson has been researching to discover something that can save the planet, this and future generation. Tireless effort of many years has paid off as he has found a new method of extraction reasonably clean energy: hydrogen and methane, from the ordinary air and that to a very low price.

HyMeAir is planning to build Nano Towers prototypes to achieve the best efficiency.

According to Claes Persson, air, wind power, and advanced nano filtration can provide all the energy that humanity need.

Simple basic technique built on elementary physics and atomic physics.

While the total cost of organizing, and managing the Paris Climate Meet was at least USD 1000 million, it will cost just 1 million and one years to make the Nano Towers prototypes and start to get rid of the carbon dioxide and also to extract energy. Climate meets are money-guzzling programs that have not helped in making the world a place to survive despite 25 years of high-level meetings, festivals, and campaigns.

HyMeAir is now seeking contact and cooperation with companies, researchers, and organizations to spread awareness of their program and fund the project.

The company wants those who are interested in future energy technology to come together to create a great success.

HyMeAir CEO expects a continued good response to the project, primarily because of the extremely low power production cost, estimated at USD 0.001 per kWh.

Within a few years, Nano Towers has the potential to save the world from the adverse effects of energy crises and climate change. Implemented on a large scale, Nano Towers can soon replace all other energy sources around the world.

For more information, visit www.hymeair.com ( claes.w.persson@bahnhof.se )

About HyMeAir:

HyMeAir is a Swedish company founded by Claes Persson, an entrepreneur with many successful launches to his credit. HyMeAir has created a new innovative product called Nano Towers designed to eliminate the upcoming energy crises and also give the world clean and healthy air at very low energy prices. It is an innovative simple product built on elementary physics and atomic physics.

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