Rideshare App Review Site CruzApp.com Reveals How To Get The Best Lyft And Uber Promotions

Los Angeles, United States – Smartphone technology allows people to lead more productive lives. With a plethora of apps available for download, it’s possible to do almost anything with a mobile! One such example is booking private hire vehicles like taxi cabs.

Using a smartphone, people can arrange for rides at specific locations, dates and times. Once a pickup occurs, the fare gets calculated either by time or distance. And at the end of the journey, the total fare gets summed up, and payment made via an automated system. That means passengers need not carry any cash to pay for their fares.

Two of the most popular ridesharing apps used by smartphone owners are Uber and Lyft. They are quick and simple to download, and it’s easy to set up a new account with them.

Many first time users of Uber and Lyft assume there are no ways to discount their first or future journeys. But, one site aims to show people the “secrets” of getting cheaper or even free rides!

CruzApp.com is a website that publishes reviews and guides on ridesharing apps. The site has a free dedicated section specifically on how to save money using apps such as Uber and Lyft. Here are some of the tips that CruzApp.com offers to users of ridesharing apps:

Look for promotional codes

The first thing CruzApp.com recommends is that ridesharing app users search for promo codes. Most apps, include Uber and Lyft, let users enter in promo codes before booking a ride. Doing so allows users to take advantage of special offers and promotions.

Of course, the big question is where to find such promotional codes? The good news is that CruzApp.com makes available the latest codes on its website. Search engines such as Google are also useful tools for seeking valid promo codes.

Give feedback to the ridesharing app providers

It’s easy to assume that using apps like Uber and Lyft offers a 100% hassle-free way to travel. But, mistakes can happen and sometimes journeys might not be satisfactory to app users.

While such problems are rare, they do happen. Should that happen to an app user, CruzApp.com suggests contacting the app’s company. Giving them detailed feedback when things go wrong does two things.

First of all, it alerts the provider to a problem so they can minimize the risk of it happening again. Second, as a gesture of goodwill, the company will give you a free promotional code. Usually, it’s a code that you can use to get part or all of a future ride for free.

About CruzApp.com

CruzApp.com offers honest and detailed reviews of ridesharing apps for smartphones. Visitors can also take advantage of promo codes published on the site to get free or discounted rides.

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