Warning: United States Municipal IT Infrastructure at Risk

AUSTIN, TX – 10/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Robles Industries LLC, president Frank R. Robles has released a detailed paper warning of large-scale vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure of the United States.

Mr. Robles is a renowned technologist and innovator, in this paper, he gives a thoughtful warning about the state of the US municipal IT Infrastructure.

“Given my knowledge and experience in this area and the real urgency of the problem, I felt it was my responsibility to warn people,” said Mr. Robles. “There are numerous issues with Municipal IT but we have reached a high-water mark in terms of danger and given the stakes and the upcoming election everyone deserves to be aware of the realities.”

Technology leaders and business executives who have reviewed this Warning paper have been very supportive and are sharing a lot of positive feedback.

“A well-reasoned article on an especially timely issue.”  – Daniel Dubno, Former CBS News Technologist

“Although our nation’s IT infrastructure affects every citizen in a significant way, very few of us understand it or how a breach could impact us. Mr. Robles is one of these people and explains the problem in clear terms we all can understand. Once people recognize the problem we may finally start to see more attention and resources dedicated to making the necessary improvements. The question is, will it be too late.” – Willy Ogorzaly, CEO LawBooth

About the Author:

Mr. Robles has been instrumental in developing and deploying critical communications infrastructure, software, and equipment used throughout the United States. He was a very early member of NetCom and lead the deployment of many of the first Dialup modem sites across the country. He discovered and patented the solution for making the Internet work over satellites. And defined and delivered commercial metro Ethernet over FiberOptics as a new way to deliver communications when many said it was not possible, this is the method used by most of us get our Internet access today.

Read: Warning: United States Municipal IT Infrastructure at Risk. Robles Industries is a technology consulting company based in Austin Texas.

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