Releasing Two Pandas “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng” at the Same Time in the Globefor the First Time to Let Them Start Wild Life

“Hua Yan” Is Sticking out Her Head from the Cage. Shot by Our Reporter He Haiyang

“Zhang Meng” Is Quickly Running into the Forest. Shot by Our Reporter He Haiyang

At about eleven o’clock in the afternoon of October 20, Pandas “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng” stepped out of cage one after another and walked into the dense forest of Liziping Nature Reserve in Shimian County, Ya’an City to independently start wild life. Releasing “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng” to the nature is the first trial of releasing two pandas at the same time in the globe.  

On the site of releasing ceremony, two cages were placed in a line. The cage of “Hua Yan” was firstly opened. After a short time of hesitation, “Hua Yan” got up the courage and stepped out of the cage. She trotted along the road and quickly disappeared out of the sight. After that, the cage of “Zhang Meng” was also opened. She quickly walked out of the cage and ran into the woods, and vanished from sight.

This time, the trial of releasing two pandas at the same time in the globe not only tests their ability to adapt to the environment, but also can observe their living activities after being released to the wild at the same time. It is a new scientific research.

Before releasing, “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng” have been finished the last health examination at the Shenshuping Base in Sichuan Province. The working staffs respectively collected the foot prints of “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng”, and implanted an internationally used ID identity recognition chip in their subcutaneous tissues, and wore them with a GPS collar with functions of global satellite positioning and radio monitoring to collect data and monitor activities after they were released.

During the period of accepting systematic wildness training at Tiantaishan Wildness Training Base in Wolong Protection Area, “Hua Yan” and “Zhang Meng” behaved excellently and successively passed the tests of recognizing natural enemies, recognizing companion animals, establishing territory, finding food and water, etc. Releasing two pandas to the wild nature at the same time will further make the small population of pandas on Xiaoxiangling Mountains stronger.

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