Lintech offers latest technology based security devices for multiple purposes

Lintech is helping clients to select the appropriate security equipment for smooth business operation. It ensures product delivery in fixed time period.

For maintaining thorough transparency in commercial transactions, many organizations are using top-graded security machines of different configurations. There are many agencies that supply devices that can deliver quality security solution for different activities. Lintech Enterprises Limited is one such company that supplies wide-range of security products based on latest technology. It always focuses on providing those equipments that can completely address the security related issues of clients. All its products are strictly in line with latest international standards and undergo stringent quality inspection in every stage of production. All these machines are quite efficient to ascertain the validity and genuiness of credit cards and other relevant documents.

The USB magnetic card reader of this agency can easily read card bi-directionally and is quite notable for small electricity consumption with strong interference resistance. These machines arrive with intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. These devices comprise of exquisite magnetic installation structure to make card reading more stable and reliable. These products comply with ISO-7811, 7812 magnetic decoding standard completely. The magnetic head of these machines contacts well with cards to guarantee least abrasion in them. Customers can visit the official website of this company to obtain more information on the features and specifications of all its security products.

Lintech offers latest technology based security devices for multiple purposes

This Chinese firm is offering passport id scanner in three different models. The most notable among them is ERP5100 (I) that comes with 3.0 megapixels camera to read multiple documents like e-passports, visas, ID cards and other travel documents. It delivers perfect solutions for scanning sensitive documents like travel passport and is quite applicable in various industrial sectors. It can easily extract printed data from the entire data page to ascertain its validity or detecting flaws. Using this device it is quite easy to read the information embedded in 1D, 2D barcode. The firm always emphasizes on innovation to ensure transparency and smoothness in day to day business activities.

The agency is a professional supplier of advanced parking lot automatic card dispenser in various models. This device normally comes with compact size design to save the installation space. The machine is bundled with high strength and durable engineer plastic card channel to guarantee that RF card can read/ write steadily. The product is quite ideal for issuing cards of different thickness. The company utilizes fastest shipping options to deliver ordered items in good condition within fixed period. It has also grabbed limelight for offering hosts of automotive safety video products.

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

Lintech Enterprise Limited is a specialized supplier of high-end security products. All these products undergo strict quality supervision to maximize client satisfaction. The firm also offers safety video equipments for automobiles. To know more, customers can visit website of this company.

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