The Cost of Saying “No Thank You” to a Sexual Advance

KNOXVILLE, TN – 31 Oct, 2016 – What does it mean to say “no” in this day and age? It used to speak transparency and most people would respect a difference of opinion. In our time saying “no” can have its effects in a major way. From bakery to pizza shop owners, its clear to see that saying “no” isn’t always a viable option, at least in the eyes of many people today. In this day and age it can cost others their lives or at the very least their financial security. It really isn’t about a specific issue, people today just don’t like to be disagreed with. Some, take that to the extreme.

Kenneth (Rocky) Davis knows this first-hand and has been dealing with the recourse of saying “no thank you” for several years now. He had made an acquaintance with a Charles Michael Moncrief of Sevier County, Tn. They had a professional relationship, played golf, and mingled with other major business owners throughout the area. Along the way, Michael Moncrief started having a problem with Mr Davis. Some of it due to not sharing business with him. The catalyst came one day on the golf course. “While riding in a golf cart,”  Kenneth says, “Michael made a sexual advance towards me. I am not sure why. I am not attracted to guys, I have no problem with anyone who is gay, it’s just not who I am.” Kenneth, who also goes by his nickname, Rocky, states that he quickly got up and said, “no thank you, we are done here.” He gathered his clubs and walked across the green. He says Moncrief sat quietly.

From there, things quickly went south. Rocky, who has a commercial and landscaping business started finding, oddly, that he was being questioned about things from his past. Some customers were pulling jobs from Rocky’s business, even high profile jobs. It came to find out Michael Moncrief was contacting these business owners and sharing with him about his former business failings in NC several years prior.

By 2008, Rocky had a very successful log home building business in Western North Carolina. During the end of this time the business fell victim to an embezzlement from an employee who was handling the bookkeeping for the business. When the investigation was complete the employee was found to have taken over $250,000 over the course of 3 years. This led to capital not being where it should, checks being bounced, and projects not being finished. Many home owners lost much, which Rocky regrets to this day. He was forced to file business bankruptcy on his INC.

Moncrief, seemingly jaded and angry at the possibility that maybe Ken would out him, since Michael is married with a family, made it a mission to bring down Ken before he could “supposedly bring him down.” Ken never had a desire to do this as the whole situation was embarrassing to him. Moncrief researched and exploited Mr Davis’ failed business dealings and went to the lengths of even contacting homeowners who attempted to have Mr Davis arrested after the log home business defaulted. Mr Davis, however, had been exonerated of any lawful wrongdoing as he was protected under Business Bankruptcy.

Moncrief even went to the length to contact girlfriends and an ex wife of Ken’s to dig more up, claiming to be a private investegator and cause questions and destroy relationships. He crafted a tabloid-esque article and handed it over to a friend, Michael Williams, who printed it verbatim in the Knoxville Sun, a small news outlet. He used the information about the business dealings from North Carolina without detailing it context or mentioning the reasons behind it. Most of the article was hearsay and none of it was investigated.

Even as of recently, Moncrief, still shares the article with those who know Kenneth and infilitrates still, personal relationships, calling family, brothers, parents, etc. He has stalked people who are close to Mr Davis and has sought to bring down even his personal life. “What sort of monster does that,” Mr Davis said? Allegedly, Michael Moncrief does. Sources that know him well say that he can vert well be a devious person, especially when crossed. One anonymous theater manager said, “He is known to be a sort of black sheep amongst the theater owners and managers in the Sevier County area,”  Is it possible that he lashes out in this way because of his lack of popularity or insecurities about himself? Rocky seems to think that must be what has driven Michael this way towards him. 

Is this all because of saying “No” to him that day on the golf course? If so, what drives a person to tear someone’s life apart over a disagreement? How far will someone take it? Some have gone to great lengths as we have seen in our current news. Maybe this is even greater. Kenneth Davis has had to relive the devastating events of his business over and over for the last 8 years because of this man and the article that refreshes itself daily, thanks to the easy accessibility of the internet.

As Mr Davis rebuilds his life and businesses over and over, they inevitably come crashing down because people will believe the cries of the loudest voice.  “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” as they say. Today, Mr Davis vows to become the loudest voice. He says “a great comeback is on its way.” This is very reminiscent of the nickname he holds dear. “I used to run when problems would present themselves because I always have a negative reflex to what happened in NC. I am not running anymore. I am fighting and God has surrounded me with great and powerful people who are standing in my corner. It’s overwhelmingly amazing what is coming.”

He truly seems inspired, as he is already thinking of ways he can support churches and charities that he holds dear when the comeback is complete. Those who know him best easily affirm that he is a giver and a gracious one at that. He stepped in when his stepfather and youngest brother’s dad passed away and became a father figure to him always lending a hand and attending college graduations and major life moments that a father would be a part of. He even helped to support him through college. “I am not perfect. I have made my mistakes,” Rocky Davis admitted with tears in his eyes, “but I learned from those mistakes 8 years ago. Now its time to live my life full and with passion. There’s a lot of good to be done over the next few decades. I am just beginning and need to clear this valley I am in to scale the mountaintop. There’s no more time to waste.”

What does it mean to say No? The cost for Rocky has been greatly devastating but it didn’t have to be. Even still, the value of saying No was and always will be the best decision he could have made, because it was true. 

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(Pictured from left to right. Kenneth “Rocky” Davis, owner of Signature Landscape and maintenence and Charles Michael Moncrief, owner and general manager of Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show).

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