Experts Say Trump Using Advanced Persuasion Tactics, NLP

Leadership development expert Dov Baron has published an article examining the advanced communication techniques being employed by the Donald Trump presidential campaign. He joins leading cult expert Rick Alan Ross and others who have identified certain ‘cult of personality’ aspects of Trump’s messaging.

New York, NY – October 31, 2016 – Leadership expert Dov Baron is the latest to publish a detailed examination of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s persuasion techniques. In an article, titled, ‘Decoding Trump’ Baron seeks to explain many of the counter-intuitive aspects of the Trump campaign.

Baron is not the first to comment on Trump’s persuasion efforts. Rick Alan Ross, America’s leading cult expert features in a GQ article stating he realized Trumpism had striking similarities to the fanatical groups he studied. There have been many other articles debating the cult of personality and tactics employed by Trump’s campaign.

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The Baron article addresses the most commonly discussed phenomenon surrounding Trump’s candidacy; his ability to make repeated statements that are broadly offensive to large groups within the voting populace, and for his popularity to continue virtually unharmed. Admittedly, Trump’s poll numbers took a hit with the release of the Access Hollywood video showing Trump making particularly offensive and sexist comments about women. However, at the time of writing, this presidential race appears to be within the margin of error, in other words a dead-heat. With just eight days until election day, Trump’s extraordinary and unprecedented campaign could ultimately prevail.

The question Baron and others have sought to address, is how is he doing it.

Political commentators and long-time pundits who laughed-off Trump’s candidacy in the beginning now have a difficult time explaining the success of his campaign.

However, Baron identifies three areas he believes Trump has focused on. And yes, Baron who is an inter-personal communication expert, believes the Trump campaign has been very calculating in its messaging, despite what often appears to be a chaotic, directionless campaign.

The article starts by pointing out what others have also been shocked and amazed by, though Baron takes it a step further and offers an explanation. Despite his blue-blood upbringing and Ivy League education, wealth and status, Trump has succeeded in framing himself as the voice of disenfranchised Americans.

In this area Baron believes Trump has leveraged the deeply held frustrations of many Americans who are struggling to find good jobs while at the same time, feeling ‘unheard’ by the system at large. “Trump’s portrayal of himself as an outsider and someone not constrained by the demands for political correctness, has given him enormous cover for his many offensive statements, in the eyes of his supporters,” says Baron. In the article, he says Trump has positioned himself on the side of his supporters, and up against a polished, career politician and everything else represented by ‘politically correct thinking.’

Secondly, the article highlights how Trump has tapped into a primal, yet largely unconscious desire for human beings ‘to feel they belong.’ Baron argues that by demonstrating his alignment with his disenfranchised support base, Trump is subconsciously presenting his campaign as somewhere his supports ‘fit in’ and belong. In fomenting this ‘us and them’ mentality and offering himself as the one to step forward as ‘savior,’ Baron says Trump triggers an unconscious need to defend and protect the leader.

The third and final aspect is what Baron describes as Trump’s use of advanced neuro linguistic programming techniques – in particular, his use of ‘installed commands.’ NLP says that when presented by chaos, such as Trumps seemingly wild unstructured ramblings, the conscious mind of his audience becomes distracted and effectively shuts down. This leaves the unconscious mind wide open to receive what are known to students of NLP as ‘installed commands.’

“When this rambling is followed by an installed command statement, the statement not only lands, it sticks! The audience doesn’t remember the ramble, but you can bet that the command will be retained. And what sort of commands is he giving? ‘Crooked Hillary.’ ‘Lock her up.’ ‘The election is rigged.’”

“Don’t believe me? Watch the Trump speeches and you’ll be amazed how many times he uses this technique. This is known as ‘slight of mouth’,” Baron concludes in his article. He says the Cult of Trump is not only alive and well, it is on the rise.

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