ChalkTastic to Introduce New Half Yearly Business Plan for ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic, an experienced manufacturer of chalk based accessories, has decided to introduce a new half yearly business plan for their Chalk Marker Pens. This product has already received a promising response from the Amazon shoppers.

1st November, 2016 – ChalkTastic has just announced that the company will soon start the implementation phase of their new half-yearly business plan for their Chalk Marker Pens. ChalkTastic specializes in delivering high-quality chalk based accessories, and most of their products have done reasonably well in’s huge online marketplace. However, amongst all their products, their chalk markers have done the company proud on a regular basis. Powered by close to two thousand Amazon reviews, this product has made it to the list of top Amazon bestsellers in two product categories. The company’s new half-yearly business plan is focused on propelling the product towards the next level of success.

The chalk pens from ChalkTastic have received accolades from all types of users. These markers are suitable for different non-porous surfaces, and capable of delivering rich and vibrant colors even after continuous use for a long period. The product can be used by the kids without any worry because they are made of materials that are non-toxic and odorless. Along side the kids, their teachers have also preferred using this product as an efficient teaching supply. ChalkTastic is currently offering this product for a handsomely discounted price of $13.97 only.

In a recently posted Amazon review, the reviewer writes, “I bought these markers to use on some acrylic to make a neat frame with. I also am planning to use them on a small chalkboard easel that I have. I tried them out on my acrylic and the work wonderfully! As with all chalk markers they do require that they be primed first, similar to a paint pen. I like the wide variety of colors and I like how well they wash off! These are a great way to mark on windows or other non-porous surfaces. I think that they are great!”

Discussing the new half-yearly business plan for the product, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “ Having already made an impact with this product, we believe it is time to redefine our goals and operational policies. This new business plan has been created to  guide the product towards the next level of success.”

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