Breakthrough protective shields and sealants from NanDro To Keep Homes Anew for 10 years

NanDro Tech has arrived with new-age eco-friendly protective shields & sealants that can assure a superior defense for homes from extreme weather elements and regular wear & tear for good 10 years.

Tampa, Fl, November 01, 2016: Home maintenance is no doubt an expensive affair but what about something that can assure you a home as good as a new one for 10 years at a stretch? Sounds utopian, right? Well, NanDro Tech has come up with futuristic eco-friendly protective shields & sealants which will defend your property from damaging external elements for up to a decade on just a one-time application.



The company spoke of cutting-edge space aged sealers and coatings which can be applied on any surface- metal, wood, stone, glass, anti-graffiti & more. Powered by nandrotechnology, the NanDro products develop a seamless bond which is kind of impenetrable by liquids & would safeguard the surface from corrosion, dirt & decay. Much to the delight of homeowners, it will eventually lead to improved aesthetics as well as lower maintenance costs.

“If you are looking for a smarter cost-effective protection for your property, our new-age protectants are all that you need now. Our NanDro Particle teams up with the current materials to create new properties to make them oil resistant, water resistant, frost resistant & acid resistant. In short, we promise extensive protection of your home from extreme weather elements as well as regular wear & tear. You will benefit from reduced maintenance and a beautiful home for 10 long years at a stretch”, stated the leading spokesperson from NanDro.



While asked on the specialty of NanDro Protectants, he stressed on the unique covalent molecular bonding as shown by the nanoparticles making up the sealers and coatings.

“Our covalent molecular bonding of nandroparticles bond up with the surface & does not just sit on the top as you see with other regular protectants. The Nandro sized particles used in our futuristic products are 100x smaller compared to most of the products in the market today and enable the coatings to mix up seamlessly with the surface they’re applied to- ensuring a premier barrier.”

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NanDro’s proprietary formulas for concrete, metal, wood, stone & circuitry, anti-graffiti & marine coatings are non-breathable waterproof protectants. They coat up the surface comprehensively with client’s chosen finish (matte or satin or gloss) and would assure a premier defense against stains, scratches, graffiti, moisture and mold.

“All our coatings are carcinogen-free and contain less than 100g/L VOCs, in tune with premium air-quality standards. We promise you no rough chemical cleaning that ultimately extends the durability of substrate”, the manager noted.

NanDro sealers are stain resistant, water-repellent and breathable. They will penetrate the property surface and stay virtually invisible. As they can repel stains, moisture & mold from within the substrate, they are perfect to be used for protected & historic buildings.

“When you are creating chemical compounds with NanDro particles, there is always the liberty to select your preferred properties which you wish to join. You can compare it to breeding a Basset Hound with German Shepherd so that you can have the best components of both the worlds. We can now chemically join up natural stone with plastic easily to present a game-changing material.”

NanDro protectants carry a robust warranty of 10 years and are to be shipped worldwide.

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