The world’s #1 Horror game ‘Halloween House: Haunted’ is now available on all smart phone

Your hero is stuck in a haunted house!  He has to find his way out of the house by finding 7 keys.  These keys are distributed all over the house.  He has to find a working key that will open the gate in order to escape.  In the meantime, he has to avoid ghosts and zombies along the way!

In this game, one needs to turn retreat into advance.  The special feature of this game is that it is 3D!  Your experience of terror will be up close and personal!

Haunted houses, crazed maniacs, gruesome figures and acts of violence are just a few of the typical horror scenes that make a game scary.  However, the UNKNOWN is a new feature of our game!  “We provide you with unknown traps and terrors as you make your way through Halloween house. “

This game was created by Aravindh Satyamoorthy for Halloween Day.  Enjoy!

Play the scariest game ever created in the world! 

WARNING: You may never sleep again!

This virtual reality horror game requires a mobile VR headset and sound to play.

There’s no getting away…

Go Play!

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Company Name: Satyam Entertainment, LLC.
Contact Person: Aravindh Satyamoorthy
Phone: 1 (213) 928-3942
Country: United States