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“Curtis Pitts states, “Regression of the City has taken years to achieve by the same Council members. Obviously a change for the betterment of the City is not going to happen unless there’s a change in Council.””
Curtis Pitts is in poll position for Rancho Cucamonga City Council race at the November 8th elections.

Described by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin as a “straight shooter”, Curtis Pitts is the leading contender for one of the open positions on the Rancho Cucamonga City Council.

Local business owner, Pitts, has been making favorable impressions with voters at the recent candidate debates. Although a newcomer to the political arena he is well informed on all the major issues, at times, leaving other candidates speechless.

 “Unlike some of the Council members, I do not have any self-serving agendas. My sole agenda is for the ongoing improvement of the entire City of Rancho Cucamonga. Improvement will be for the benefit of all including businesses and residents. Also, I am NOT going to make promises I will not keep,” emphatically declares Pitts.

Curtis Pitts, a retired sheriff deputy is owner of C.W. Feed on Archibald with a second location in Phelan. He has been Rancho Cucamonga resident for 38 years and during that time raised a family.

“Our city has changed considerably, and not for the better. Surely I cannot be the only resident that’s not happy with the way our city has been allowed to regress.”

“For instance, look at our parks. I remember when the soccer fields at Beryl Park were actually grass. Other cities have a “green belt” the current City Council is designing ours is be brown!”

“By Council’s own declaration, the City has money in the bank. In that case why are current City Council members ignoring this park issue? Obviously they do not have the City or resident’s best interest at heart. IF they did, it wouldn’t an issue at all.”

“Somehow Council can find exorbitant amounts of money to maintain the field at Quakes Stadium in pristine condition. This is a field that will never be utilized by those residents that have actually paid for it. Just to see the field residents must purchase tickets. Something is not right here!”

“On behalf of all residents, the park situation will be one of the first issues addressed when I am voted to City Council.”

“Regression of the City has taken years to achieve by the same Council members. Obviously a change for the betterment of the City is not going to happen unless there’s a change in Council.”

“If voters keep doing the same thing, that’s electing the same Council members, voters will get what they’ve always got. It’s time for immediate change otherwise the situation will only get worse,” concludes Pitts.

On November 8th Curtis Pitts will be running against incumbents Lynne Kennedy and Sam Spagnolo. Other potential contenders are Amira Abdelmageed, Clarence Olson, Chris Salabaj and Erick Jimenez.

For more information on Curtis Pitts’ platform please go to http://pitts4rc.org/

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