Clive Somers’ Original Folding Glasses Case – Now Sold Separately

The ingenious folding case for eyeglasses by Clive Somers is in high demand.
A folding case for glasses is an ingenious idea whose time had surely come. Clive Somers has been including their unique folding case at no-charge with every purchase of their designer reading glasses or sunglasses. Now, it seems the folding case has taken on a life of its own with consumers ordering additional cases for family and friends.

Vancouver, BC — November 3, 2016 — Clive Somers is an award-winning brand of reading glasses, that launched in North America in 2015. The brand is popular for its iconic styling, its progressive lens reading glasses and sunglasses. And now, increasingly for the unique folding case that has been included with each pair of glasses.

The company has recently made the folding case available for purchase on its own, after yielding to repeated requests from consumers. Bill Head is the owner and creator of the Clive Somers brand. He says the decision to sell the folding case separately is in response to numerous requests from customers and retailers for over a year.

“It’s been quite a surprise. We spent a lot of time sourcing the folding case, because we knew it would be unique. We just didn’t expect it to become so popular on its own,” Head said via telephone from a trade show in Las Vegas.

When folded, the case is about the thickness of a smartphone, which is a significant improvement on the bulky cases normally associated with luxury brand eyeglasses or sunglasses.

“The first reaction from most people is to wonder why it’s never been done before,” said Head.

It’s easy to see why the ingenious design might strike a nerve with regular travelers or anyone who doesn’t like carrying a lot of superfluous gear around with them.

Clive Somers is the mythical character behind the eponymous brand — and it is ‘he’ who is credited with conceiving the idea for a folding case that slips easily into a pocket, day pack or even a small purse.

According to the website, Clive was originally “inspired to solve a pressing problem–that reading glasses should not only be easy to buy and affordable, they unquestionably must, and always be, fashionable.” Apparently, that extends to the case his glasses are sold in, and which is taking on a life of its own.

The Clive Somers line was recently featured in a cover story for Men’s Essentials Magazine, where the brand also earned a Best in Class award from the publication.

The lifestyle magazine observed that cheap reading glasses; ubiquitous in offices, restaurants, and departure lounges across the country, are often hastily stashed out of sight after serving their purpose.

“Reading glasses should serve as an accessory that adds to your personal style, not something you have to hide or be ashamed of,” Head said before ending our conversation so he could speak with waiting buyers about his hot new product.

See the entire Clive Somers line of reading glasses and sunglasses on their website:

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