Author Abhay Tiwari Earned A Spokesman Position For Aam Janta

India, November 3. 2016 – Motivational speaker and Author Abhay Tiwari doesn’t mince his words when it comes to criticizing politicians.

Recently he discussed various political and social issues of the country. Tiwari expressed his unhappiness in recent Kapil Sharma controversy. Supporting the actor- comedian, he said “the whole world laughs because of Kapil Sharma and today the Modi Government was laughing on him. Today the great comedian was CRYING cause of Modi Government.”

Talking about the communal disputes, we asked him if he thinks that social media is responsible for communal disputes, he denied by saying, “it is being fueled by some political parties to gain caste based vote, although social media should not be used irresponsibly.”

Tiwari who himself is a social media maniac said, “Using social media, I am able to interact with people around the globe and this allowed me to express my thoughts and ideas through writing blogs and notes. Through social media, I was able to deliver my message to aggressive Indian youth.”

Abhay believes that even after knowing that alcohol is harmful, the government, in fact, set up the liquor shops. The Government issues the license to sellers trying to sell liquor to the country.

While recent health hazards like Dengue, Malaria is troubling country, rather than helping the people and providing medical and economical help, Aam Aadmi Party made it a national issue and got a share of their fame and business from it. They made it a soap opera and paid no attention to the common people in need. This just shows the mentality of such political parties.

He highlights an incident when our sports minister was unable to recall which player won how many medals in Rio Olympics. This shows the level of interest the politicians have in the matters of the common people and the country.

His 10 years of research & understanding has put organizations on a path of growth and fulfilment. Thousands of people have benefitted from his dynamic workshops nationally, internationally. His clientele is inclusive of political people, big MNC companies, and much more. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

When asked what his mantra to success is, he replies, “Formula of success is for those who have still not decided their career.”

After success on video of truth of lies and formula of success, Abhay, will be publishing the same in form of novel for all book lovers.

Abhay said he is always prepared to raise issues and create awareness among the people in our country. His main aim is to help think different, be different from the rest, and take no wrong decision. His country needs more such free thinkers and speakers like him

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