The First Step to Ride Airwheel Z5 Smart urban electric Scooter

Airwheel Z5, the upgraded version of Z3, by adding more thoughtful designs to it, say the USB port in the battery has been well received in the market. However, do you know the first step to ride Airwheel Z5 urban electric Scooter?

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Since its international debut in CeBIT 2016, Airwheel Z5 has been well received in the market due to the thoughtful designs, such as the triple folding system, swappable battery design with USB port, multifunctional handle etc.

Airwheel Z5

However, do you know the first step to ride Airwheel Z5 urban electric Scooter? The following will answer the question.

Airwheel Z5
Unfold the arm-brace, put Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter flat on the ground and hold the hook with hands (see Figure 1), separate the hook from the hook bayonet(see ① arrow). Push forward the scooter head vertically, the fastened casing will drop down automatically to fasten the circular tube(see Figure 2).
Airwheel Z5
Pull down the lock catch on the handles(see Figure 3 – ②arrow), unfold the two handles (see Figure 3 – ③arrow), and fasten the handle with lock catch, and then release the pedals(see ④ arrow). Adjusting the scooter heights: open the lifting rod lock (see Figure 4-⑤ arrow), adjust the
height in the arrow direction (see Figure 4-⑥ arrow). After adjustment is finished, close the lifting rod lock.
Airwheel Z5
If you finish your journey, Airwheel Z5 intelligent electric scooter can be easily folded into a manageable size.
Open lifting rod lock, pull down the scooter head (see Figure 8-⑦ arrow), and close lifting rod
lock(see Figure 8-⑧ arrow), fold pedals (see ⑨ arrow). Pull the lock catches on both handles (see Figure 9-⑩ arrow), and meanwhile pull down and fold handles (see Figure 9-11arrow). Loosen the handle lock to fold it.
Airwheel Z5

Fasten the frame, pull up the casing and pull down scooter head. When the hook arrives at bayonet, lock the hook in the bayonet to finish the folding (see Figure10).
Airwheel Z5
To charge the Airwheel Z5 urban e scooter is also ultra-easy.

Replaceable battery holder: pull the elastic pin as the picture and take out the battery holder for convenient charging. Open the cover of the charging port, connect the plug and charge.

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